<WE ARE THE FIVE FX> is recruiting a few DPS and Heals for AQ and beyond

Hello, WE ARE THE FIVE FX is now recruiting a few DPS and heals for AQ and beyond. We have been around since Classic launched and have been full clearing Ony, MC, BWL, and ZG every week. We’re a smaller guild, running only one raid group, but we are a tight knit group.

While we don’t specifically do speed runs, we clear BWL and MC every week in one night, usually with time to spare.

Our raid times are Tuesday (and Wednesday when needed, such as when AQ comes out) 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM. For loot we do Loot Council.

We are currently looking for:

1 DPS Warrior
1 Rogue
1 Resto Shaman

Other classes are encouraged to apply, but space is limited and we might not be able to guarantee you a raid spot.

Respond to this post or see if an officer is on in game if you are interested in applying.

Hey there!