WC3 Reforged Night elf models posted


Looks like the new model previews have finally been released.


Why am I posting them here? Because.

(Galenorn) #2

I’m not sure what I think. They both have red eyes, like Dark Rangers. And between the Druid channeling his inner Medivh, and the ancient in the back being a reference to Bastion (with his little yellow bird), it comes across as an ad for HotS skins, or something.

Edit, to use my amazing trust powers for good:


Or you could always, use know, use ` at the start and end of the link.



I didn’t know that was something you could do. I just posted it as I did because apparently, I can’t be trusted with links. Me! Can’t be trusted!


Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

(Nightlighter) #6

So no more bikini sentinel outfit?


Looks to me like they decided to take a more ‘Hidden archer in the shadows’ kind of look for sentinels.

(Galenorn) #8

For the race that can literally meld in the shadows by just standing still, regardless of class and attire :man_facepalming:


Eh, I don’t mind. I think the armor looks cool.
Could do without the cap-thing, though.

(Argronak) #10


Something from Warcraft 3 Reforged.


The Archer looks too much like a rogue with a bow than a sentinel. I get making them more covered, but did they have to make something so… oddly sinister looking?


“Thought they lack the brute strength of other races, their skills with bow and magic more than compensate.”
I suppose the Shen’dralar were already living with the night elf on Warcraft III ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(Argronak) #13

Explain why you need Mana for your Druid powers then :wink:

(Arlifrex) #14

0/10 won’t play.

(Argronak) #15

Ironic considering Blizz let us play with the Bikini outfit in BFA.

Both for male and female.


They could have put “Druidic magic” or “shapeshifting magic” tho.

(Breakcog) #17

I’m not certain how to feel about a concealed Archer and a helmetless Huntress (see the reforged site).

(Argronak) #18

I thought that was supposed to be the Archer.

(Breakcog) #19

That’s where i’m confused at unless this is the Priestess of the moon.

(Kurogasa) #20

Why is the bow string glowing? Also, doesn’t the armor look a bit too modern for them? I could kinda understand if that was a Silvermoon Elf, but it just seems a bit out of place for your standard Nelf archer. Even if they are trying to avoid the Nelf Bikini armor, surely they can make it a more thematically appropriate set.