Ways to get >355 iLevel gear

Heroics give 365, that’s one start.

World quests should be scaling up with your ilvl, so you should start seeing 365/370 emmisaries soon.

When darkshore is up spam the ever loving crap out of it, that gives 360 gear.

Do your weekly warfront for a 370/400 item.

Do lfr every week for 370s.

Do the two warfront world bosses when their up for 370/400 items.

Once you hit about 375, your emmisaries should start giving 380/385 gear which I believe is the cap right now.

There are lots of options =D, I did most of these and never stepped foot in pvp/raids (technically I did lfr, but it’s when I over geared it so I was there purely for transmogs…)

If you haven’t go check with Magni in silithus and upgrade your necklace.


Its not bad overall. Always do Darkshore, run some Mythic0 and +4s. If you can, fill your CP bar each week. At least once.

WQ gear goes higher than that. All I do is log in, do WQ’s, World Bosses, Battlefronts & occasionally Incursions and I got to 389 without even trying. I do LFR once for each wing just to see it, rarely get any upgrades out of that though.

Mythic 0 are almost inexistant on the dungeon finder. Your best bet is to find a guild that runs those and then you can jump in mythic+ or lfr/normal BoD.

Underrated tip right there.

Also, go see Magni again after maintenance next week.


Mythic dungeons, M+, pvp conquest rewards, lucky titanforges, world quests, heroic dungeons warforging, M+, doing lfr, doing normal raids, ect.

The amount of things you can do to get above 355 ilvl is insane.

I would do a few mythic0 before trying a mythic+ run if you are truly new.

The easiest options are:

World bosses (and warfront world boss)

What for??

Edit: Come on. Don’t leave me hanging. What’s up with magni?

Press I to toggle your Dungeons and Raids window. Select Premade Groups > Dungeons > Find A Group. Search for “M0” or “World Tour”, the latter being when a party tries to do all the dungeons on Mythic 0 to load up on 370 gear. You can also start your own World Tour group if you feel up for it. If you queue as a healer you’ll get invites pretty quickly… plus you can learn the dungeon mechanics and then start doing Mythic +, which drops anywhere from 370 to 400 gear depending on the level.

Probably an update to the neck system that could make magni upgrade it? Just a shot in the dark, I dunno.

Soon ™

Are you trolling us?

But does that require exalted?

For clarification, are we getting another 15 item level boost from Magni?

May be the option to unlock all traits of Azerite gears regardless of Azerite level? That would add like 3-5 iLvl

Anything good for those of us who unlocked the +45 for all our alts long ago?

Or is it just +45 unlocked for everyone regardless or our main’s reputation levels?

looks like you really need REP with Champions of Azeroth. I’d focus on dailies/emissary’s + a contract for them if you don’t have at least one toon exalted with them.

They won’t tell us. :sob:

They just like to toy with our minds and emotions.

It would be funny if whatever Kaivax is alluding to doesn’t actually make it into the patch, and players show up at Magni for absolutely nothing.