Ways to address the randomness of loot (M+chest and rolls)


Why am I suggesting:

  • random isn’t compelling or fun
  • create some link between effort and benefit
  1. You already allow loot specialization which empowers the player to funnel loot to a spec, why not enable this for slots (some way to for me to say if you are going to award loot make it for this slot)
  2. Allow us to veto loot drops to certain slots. Either of these first two could be a change to the character screen that we could configure.
    I’ve gotten repeat wasted items 4 weeks running and you can still allow for randomness but minimize the luck. Waiting
    till Tuesday to be disappointed is getting routine, it’d be real nice to see an actual upgrade for a change.
  3. A different tweak would be creating a preference towards lower ilevel upgrades from the weekly chest. The preference would help reduce repeats and you could eliminate player manipulation by using their ilevel not the equipped ilevel. (you may have to delete vendor history each week to eliminate player manipulation of the system). This has the effect of guaranteed upgrade especially if you combine it with the next suggestion.
  4. In the case of repeat drops if the mythic chest is dropping a repeat, allow that but force it to be an improvement over the current item in that slot, so I have 380 pants, the chest would have to improve on that in some way. Allow this to be ever escalating to an ilevel cap this would ensure that the weekly mythic is never a waste, and would potentially lead to a more robust M+ community since it now is guaranteed weekly relevance/progression.

The M+ chest is weekly so the ratcheting up would take an extremely long time before it could get out of hand. You can moderate gear progression in many ways so it doesn’t get out of hand. Create a progression ladder like this 380, 380+slot, 385, 385+slot,… If all I ever get is pants, for 12 weeks running and I started with 380 then I’d have a pair of 430 pants, and if you hard capped it then it would never exceed the random cap.

If you combine it with preference for lower level items then this would take quite some time before it could be game breaking, it would give 8/8 mythic raiders benefit as well.
5) Rerolls - nice mechanic but again I’ve I’ve received azerite power the last 5 rolls… It is a tweak from your artifact item chance from legion, the longer you go without the higher your chances of getting something become. It would also work in reverse in case you have the world luckiest person, if I go 10/10 loot benefit from rolls I would get more and more likely to receive artifact power so that the reroll falls into some kind of probability which I think is more fair to the population than random chance. The outcome is consistency so that all players can expect 3 out of every 10 rolls to be loot, instead of some player going 1/10 while their buddy goes 9/10, I’m sure there are extremes if you are really relying on luck.

Anyway, I’ll never revisit this, but the support folks won’t/can’t help and they say this is the only way to get this to the developers, so here goes nothing.

(Holymonky) #2

I think a good, easy to implement, and easy to use/understand system would be to add the “Discover” mechanic (from Hearthstone) for the M+ cache…

Basically you are presented with 3 random choices (make them all for different slots) from which you can pick only one and that’s the one you keep. To make it better present the items at their expected item level then calculate warforge/titanforge chance after you pick.

A similar interface to what we had for the Legion artifacts (where you picked one out of 3 to pursue) could be used for this.

(Sackless) #3

I’d like this, but I’d personally prefer if I got a choice between 2 different rings etc for stat padding. I can see getting a technical downgrade for a slot you desperately need and having no chance at another option.

(Varrow) #4

The 3 items, choose one, method definitely seems like a pretty big improvement over what we currently have without destroying the core of the idea.

(Annanobis) #5

You haven’t heard RNG is sub base loot boxs in testing.