Waylaid Supplies

how are we only able to carry a single crate at a time? soulbound is perfectly fine but only able to carry a single crate is stupid. with as little rep as you get from these having to run/fly back to a cap city every time really makes farming these unnecessarily convoluted. this needs to change asap please.


They fixed that. But I’ve yet to login and see if this has changed.

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They fixed the filled supply shipments, not the waylaid supplies


yeah of FILLED crates not the basic ones. for that to be any kind of affective youd have
to carry around an insane amount of mats to fills the crates and hope the mats you have are for the random crate you loot.


Like I’ve said I’ve yet to login and check for myself. Though would be nice If they actually mean the waylaid supplies too.

Make waylaid supplies account bound.

Makes them mailable so you dont need to go back to town every time you get one.

Still have to go back to a camp at least so theres still some friction of maybe having to drop one sometimes.

At later phases once you have a max level character it makes farming the rep easier on alts. Some may think this goes against the spirit of classic or w/e but i think most players would rather have more convenience these days especially in a version of the game that has a lot of changes already.

Use the system to your advantage. Delete them from your bag and use the b.net item restore to have them mailed to you. I believe the number of items you can restore at a time is 30, so there’s that.

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Tbh I been carrying a finished one and a unfinished one this entire time.

Yea just tested, and nope Blizzard didn’t allow multiple Waylaid creates to be stored within your inventory which is a shame… what good is “finished” or “filled” creates in your inventory… we should be allowed to have multiple unfinished creates.


This makes the third time I’ve lost money trying to create a full order create. Thus I’ll no longer be using the AH for the completion of these orders. So unless the create has some barring on my professions… I’ll just turn in the create incomplete…

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This is so rough turning them in one at a time

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See, the problem is that they’re Highlander crates. If they ever get together they fight to the death, and the resulting Quickening would kill the character. The Devs are just looking out for our safety.

Me Scratches head… erm we’re talking about “Waylaid Supply Creates”

Not anymore… blizzard fixed how many completed creates you can carry to the vendor… they didn’t address being able to carry more than on incomplete create once found… so carrying one at a time to craft it completed is time consuming. So I’ve not even checked to see if the incomplete creates can be stored in your bank…

They can, but they still keep you from getting more.

Agreed, this is a terrible grind. This is such a tedious, unfun rep grind especially

for such important abilities.
I have enjoyed seeing most of the changes to SoD so far especially with the little ways that they added in
other runes
and used different parts of the map. This particular way
of rune acquisition
does not feel good though.
We also already have a vendor rune from the goblin in Ratchet so having a second vendor rune behind such a rep grind is a bit disappointing.

The fact that the best way to get these crates is from rare treasure chests (not always up) on top of them being soul bound unique UNLESS you carry all the supplies to complete one with you is annoying. Additionally, the fact that low-level versions no longer award ANY rep once your level/rep is high enough is ridiculous. Not even a reduced reputation gain? That’s terrible. Obviously, lower crates are easier to farm once you are a higher level, but its not like the materials cost less than they did before you gained a few levels/a bit more rep. Nor does gathering the materials yourself take considerably less time. Why make this reputation grind so punishing in multiple ways?

As mentioned by others above, removing the unique property or soul bound property, increasing the rep gains, or perhaps turning materials in to the NPC directly via a quest without the crates w/ these crates being a bonus in the open world could be better alternatives.

Honestly, this rep grind currently reminds me a bit of the Shen’dralar rep grind for the Insane in the Membrane title. The difference is that Shen’dralar was an optional grind for a fun title (that literally warns you it’s only for the insane) vs. this one which gate-keeps

very powerful rune spells
. Also even Shen’dralar had multiple Libram types, which were not soulbound just unique I believe. I am hoping they realize this system is not great and change it soon.


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Here’s a perspective… after about 20-30 crates (not all completed) I was allowed to buy things from the vendor… low level stuff… so it’s not beneficial for me and maybe others to grind this when the reward doesn’t benefit the effort. I’ve found that Blizzard tends to do things this way. Either when creating items (leather craft, blacksmith etc) or turning in quest etc… the effort it takes to gather these items/mats up is not worth the end reward.


Look at the idea I just came up with:

Anything to make this less painful. This is un fun gameplay that a few people took advantage of item restoration and the rest of us get screwed. Just make them unique to type of filled crate not unique to the crate itself. So you can have Rune Coper pants crate, Smoked wolf meat crate. But not 2 of the same type. Or make the crate create a quest as someone suggest like normal objects that create quests. This way we can only have 1 of that quest at a time.

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I’ve hear this phrase being spewed over and over. Is this a retail thing? Sounds like it. SoD is based off of Classic Vanilla. So it’s going to be a bit grindier. Deal. Everything is all about “fun gameplay” for you guys. If you want to play an arcade game, there are other games. This flavor of WoW is closer to the more traditional MMORPG genre. Not the weird version we currently have now. “Unfun”. lol.

On the other hand, Classic “dad” players don’t mind grindier stuff, but they don’t like “harder” things like Kelris. They’re just slow to understand and don’t like it when they don’t. They’re lazy mentally.

This player base dynamic is so funny. It’s like a ticking time bomb.

Either way, I’m having a blast in SoD. Raid or no raid. Behind or no behind. I don’t need a freaking trophy for everything.

yeah but grinding 20-30 incomplete crates is pointless and not worth the effort. Blizzard should remove the “soul bound” crate question when one finds a crate. it’s getting to the point I just leave the crates in the chest for the next player. Now as a side note to this… it might benefit more if any crates where fished up from the floating debris, walking along the shore etc.

If they would just let us carry more than one unfilled crate at a time that would be the best.

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