Water Strider Discussion


Untrue. As soon as I reached level 90 I could buy flying, the ability existed from the expansion’s beginning. Legion and BFA add the ability to start gaining flight at the .2 patch. Before then? Nothing you do can reach the skies.

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I have to admit this entire thread is a blur to me now. All I know is that it equipment concept is ok (probably not needed since we just wanted a different water walking mount to look at ) But the removal of the water striders abilities is wrong. Very very wrong! Many of us have already went into great detail of how wrong it is.

And I am sorry…those who fight for blizzard, your posts add to our numbers…buhahahahah your really working for us!! Soon this thread will hit 4000!! Then we shall stack on another 6k until it’s so large blizzard accountants step in and wack the dev’s with a 600 page spread sheet on how this will hurt sales.

Until then, for all those who fight to save the water striders coolness please partake of this free buffet table and open bar.

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I am not really ok with suddenly having to pay to keep things “as it was”. Suddenly paying for things people werent paying for (or nearly as much) is what started the American Revolution. Maybe we should throw Ion into a harbor or something.


“Vicious Battle-Harded Water Stride” could look cool. Shame no one convinced blizzard to create a reward like that.

I wonder why. Maybe because farmers need a speed advantage to have any chance of escaping a seasoned pvp’r? and OP pvp’rs don’t need any advantages because they’re already the biggest threat around?

Fairness is relative. :wink:


timewalking is not “endgame” it is leveling content
going forward, for the past several years actually, I should not have had to have a water strider farmed up and so I didn’t, and my loyalty has earned me this nerf
potions are easily available to you so why don’t you try those


What did our loyalty earn us? And why didn’t you use those potions?


I saw how my team didn’t like it that I could waterwalk for basically nothing and they had to do something to “earn” that ability


So, by your ‘logic’, blizzard will be removing that gate of yours?
Because that’s what you’ve been arguing for: the total homogenization of every single skill for every single class in this game.
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Youre moving the goalposts, many treat dungeons and timewalking as endgame content.


So the weekly quest for and endgame piece of equipment is actually not endgame? You mean to tell me that I can ship that ilevel 400 piece of gear to a leveling alt?!?!



my reasons have been out of balance
do you think blizzards demon armor nerf to locks was out of SPITE? no it was an unfair advantage
and I’d rather educate people than do something that I don’t enjoy doing


One ding of damage and the water strider, as it is today, stops running on the water. How is that unfair in an open world pvp scenario? Because you can’t hit somebody because you don’t notice them until they’re already out of range? What is the exact actual ‘unfair’ scenario that you’re thinking of that you haven’t shared?


It is for people levelling through that range, and yet the portals remain broken for them, despite Blizzard weakly saying they maybe aughta sorta re-enable portals for players on quests that need them.


…said no one ever.
Links, please, to the thread where this is even mentioned, much less discussed.
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You know what’s an unfair advantage, and I think everyone but Paladins will agree with me here.

Bubbles. If there’s one thing that’s unfair, like you’re pointing out, it’s that they can bubble-hearth. HOLEEE-CATS is that unfair.

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I thought you couldn’t fly til you got to the shrine and bought the book?

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Considering Ion had a pointed dislike of Xelnath (the once lead warlock designer), yes, I consider many things done to Warlocks based out of spite.


They are essentially removing the account bound effect. You will only get a single free item on the character you earned the rep on, you will have to repurchase it for every other character you have.

This is what people are upset mostly about, the fact that we purchased this mount with account bound waterwalking effect, only for Blizzard to suddenly decide that they are going remove it’s effect and then charge you for every toon you have for something we have had ingame for the last 6 years.

If this happened in a business selling physical products they’d be inside a courtroom faster than you can shout FRAUD!

It’s Filthy and Slimy, and if they get away with this who’s to stop them implementing something similar for other account-bound things.


I had my suspicions, but this sealed it. You madam, have been one magnificent troll. I salute you.

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And 40g is likely a place holder so that players on the PTR can freely test without needing several hundred thousand gold. Because testing the system means constantly switching equipment around.

And since the other 2 options will be created by the same players that place those ludicrously priced transmogs on the AH you can expect those bits of equipment to be similarly priced.

If that’s the case then everyone will default to the cheapest option, the 40g boots, or the 40g price will be raised to be in line with the prospected AH price of the other 2 items (which is most likely the case).

I quit fishing when cooking went to half a dozen different components. I never did an Angler’s daily. I don’t have either of the Water Striders. I do perfectly fine without them as the only advantage is being able to bypass Boralus completely on a Horde character rather than run a huge loop around it. Something that is still faster jump/swimming than riding. The only advantage is saving time and only because Blizzard has been using terrain and water hazards to waste time since WoD and the War on Flight.

Also, if Water Walking boots remain on the Angler’s vendor and end up being rep gated after the PTR is finished, you’ll still have to farm rep to get water walking. And that’s a very strong likelihood given the Strider cost 5000g initially and 50g is an enormously reduced price in comparison. (Wisdom of the 4 Winds for MoP flying is still $2,500g).