Watch the WoW Q&A at BlizzConline Today at Noon PST / 3:00 p.m. EST

We’re getting underway here in about 30 minutes:

Six of the WoW Development Team leads are ready to answer your questions, with host Scott Johnson.


Oh did they select one of your questions?

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Answering questions without actually answering questions.

Q&A is a waste of time.


Haters gonna hate, and yes the game still can do so much better in many areas.

However, I for one am super hyped for this expansion and the next patch. I think they’ve addressed A LOT of the things I hated from BfA already, and I actually like to log on and play all the time. But that’s just me.

If the Q&A gets 2-3 good questions and the rest is fluff, it’s still a good Q&A.


The hype is there for the expansion. Don’t get me wrong. It’s the lawyer speech we constantly see in his q&A’s.


The only thing I care about are Class sets, and potential future classes or races. I don’t know if these will be asked about or even if that’s the sort of thing that will be talked about, but those are my interests.

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Hoping we can squeeze a bit more info out about the future of wow and class balance.

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Not really. The forum is a place of extremes now.

People flag the truth that’s all there is to it.


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Feasel did talk about those in an interview. Not happening in 9.1, but likely in the tiers after that. This raid is going to be the shiny Torghast sets in full.

Still a concept that we really like, and we think is super cool. For the sets in the Sanctum of Domination, these are going to be Domination themed. You’ve already seen some of them with the Legendary transmogs that are available in the game right now. We’ll be adding weapon sets to those and make them available in all their colors as collectable armor sets finally. You’ll be able to have a full Domination set. But expect to hear more about tier sets as we move into the future. Not for 9.1, but potentially for future patches.

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Oh, nice, thank you! Yeah, class sets have always been one of my favorite parts about WoW, so if they come back that’d make me super happy. Now all that’s left is a new class, new race or maybe new professions.

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