Watch Shadowlands: Dark Abduction

Watch Shadowlands: Dark Abduction

The shattering of the veil between the Shadowlands and Azeroth was only the beginning. Dark deeds are afoot and Sylvanas is making her next move.

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Saw that early this morning. Epic. lol


Presumably this is part of the prelaunch event? Any idea when that is starting up? I’m kinda already out of things to do in your pre-patch, since I don’t need to level alts.


Why wasnt this in game?


Laughed so hard when Anduin got yoinked away like some sort of plastic action figure.


Before I watch this I need to know if this is going to be in game or if this is just out of game we need to watch. if it is in game I consider it spoilers for content I don’t have access to yet and I want to wait and see it in game. Will this be in game?


Anduin could have just bubbled?


then why ingame do we only see the sky broken in northrend icecrown and nowhere else like in legion when anywhere u could see argus?

yes its the first quest in the pre-patch questlines

There is no way they didn’t make this knowing people would find the Alliance laughable. I guess it was just Blizzard showing how they view the Alliance.

Seriously, Genn just stood there, didn’t even transform into Worgen form, nothing… And then has his embarrassing, cringey Darth Vader Nooooooo moment.

Also, why couldn’t we see the Mawsworn swoop down and try to kidnap Tyrande, but instead she just wrecks them and kills them? Why did we have to see them kidnap Anduin? The same point would have come across that they are kidnapping the leaders, only we would have gotten Tyrande actually showing she is amped up and powerful with her Night Warrior powers and make her look like less of a joke after the 8.1 debacle.


That was so cringe. Andiun and the entire Alliance is so incompetent. Why Blizz? Why?


Because it isn’t supposed to be available yet. I guess this article only exists because Wowhead & others datamined this video.

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they kidnap the leader of the alliance. Why as a horde player should I care? Will we see the side of the horde where thrall is kidnapped or only the side of the alliance matters?

more customization for blood elves! tattoos and scars!

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Really? Flying necromonkeys kidnap Anduin and spirit him off to the wicked Witch? Seems kind of ummm…



If only it was that easy to actually kill them.


Don’t you know? Anduin is the most important character in WoW. The whole story has to bend over backwards to fit his narrative, and Blizzard has to write characters borderline OOC just so it can revolve around Anduin, their golden child, and his ideals and beliefs.

Can’t they just shoot an arrow or throw Anduin off to his death? he’ll end up in Shadowland anyway. So many plothole and cliche from this writer.


Father like son I guess, getting randomly kidnapped.

Edit: Was hoping for a lot more backstory to his kidnapping than two random dark valkyr come down and grab him then fly away.

Brace yourself because the Horde leaders are getting kidnapped too. It’s almost like no one’s expecting surprise death angels. :sweat_smile:

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If they’re that easy to nab then we should just write them off for dead.