WASABI recruiting for Sar raid 4pm

Looking for some spice in your life

WASABI is recruiting for our Sat raids

Promptly starting at 4pm starting with onyxia

Then continuing on to MC.

We are in need of priests, mages and other dps classes.

Become a Spicy member of Wasabi and lets have some fun.

Pst silenti in game for more info


Bump! I’ve had several positive encounters with WASABI members. Very helpful in game!


We almost have a complete solid group
We just need a few more healers and few more ranged dps
But other dps may inquire
Come join us and have a good time with us

Loot rules: DKP distribution
Raid times: Sat@ 4pm

We want this raid to progress to BWLl and beyond
Come join the ranks
And become a spicy member of WASABI

PST silenti or anyone else for more info