Was there any official posting on why we had the downtime?

Just wondering what was fixed/changed

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Yea, we got a sweet anniversary exp buff! Blizz wanted to show their thanks to us for playing their game all these years!

Oh, forgot to mention. Only for Retail. We might as well be on a private server with how hands-off they are :slight_smile:


They wanted to make sure we got the full classic experience. Nothing is more classic than 8-10-12 hours of the servers being down because a line of code got screwed up in a 14 year old expansion and caused lag.


the downtime was to do alot of things for retail, classic was down because blizzard did not want people to login while they’re changing things for retail :stuck_out_tongue: Blame retail/classic sharing same sub.

Well it wasn’t to fix the invasion event on pagle, thats for sure. Still can’t transfer my paladin back to pagle where my current chars are, but at least I can still farm invasion event here.

“MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE 11/8: #Warcraft #Dragonflight: 7:00am - 8:00am (PDT) #WoWClassic & #WrathClassic: 7:00am - 3:00pm (PDT) #DiabloImmortal Oceanic: 4:00pm - 6:00pm (PDT) 11/9: #DiabloImmortal Americas: 12:00am - 2:00am (PDT)”
Retail had a 1 hour Maint, it was only classic that had 8 hours scheduled.


They are celebrating over at the HQ nobody is working.

No it wasn’t, retail had just a normal restart.

retail was an hour. no changes.

which is odd…some of us who pvp there would like the insanity put in check in some way. I get its chill till nov 25 mode. But pvp has some funkiness of late.

combat logs are funky as hell there. The fun of pvp of late is not the pvp. its looking at logs and tyring to find out how the hell did they get those wth massive damage hits on you.

Its taken all my will power to not fotm DH run it. NOt gonna be DF main this time around. I chose hunter since I get my melee fill in classic. but damn those 60K instants are tempting.

There was a problem with the employees that work on classic not having enough time to get coffee, a doughnut, and chat in the company cafeteria. The extended downtime fixed that problem.


Crazy how they tell us nothing… Not even a hint of what the heck was done.

They had a full day.

They just like to taste the tears of Classic players now and then.

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