Was in server first Ragnaros horde kill :) any oldies here?

Thank you brother, seeing if i can find my old Arthas guildies, happy to be back to classic

Yea, same here. I can’t seem to find any of my old guildies around anywhere…

Did “The Gimped” go by TG? As alliance on arthas I remember your guild and Aurora very well. I was a Pally named Lamorak with Darkness Slayer, no world first kills as Ret took care of that for the alliance side but we progressed fairly well.
Try taking a look on Vanilla Friends.

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Hi there! Yup, The gimped went by TG…I remember Aurora very well, they were the other prominent horde guild on Arthas from what i recall. I’m fairly certain Aurora eventually transferred out of Arthas. During AQ40…every day around 7pm EST the server would lag really bad and i recall Aurora didn’t want to deal with that so they transferred out of Arthas. I also remember Retribution guild on alliance side well as well, they got the first Ragnaros kill server side.

Aurora/RET/Sold Out were the three top guilds and all three transferred to Mal’Ganis to rid themselves of the lag issues. I think some smaller guilds transferred as well. Once those three guilds left the void was filled with also rans like TG/Balance/The Vindicate/Hidden etc.

Hiya, Kitfaid here, I was a priest for Sold Out, on Alliance side. I think we were the 2nd or 3rd ally guild to get Ragnaros on Arthas, and sure we were the second to get Nef just behind Ret.

Yea, I was in The Vindicate. Remember Ceej? He was our guild leader, he came from Sold Out if I’m not mistaken. He had a pally in Sold Out named Alithir or something.

History time! Ceej and I actually created The Vindicate at launch. Ceej got recruited into Sold Out and got me (NE Hunter Daedric) a spot, so The Vindicate was gifted to one of Ceej’s close friends.

We decided against following Sold Out off server, and were surprised to find The Vindicate lived on and was primed to start taking raiding seriously. We rejoined and helped kick off raiding. Those were some of the best times!

While there was definitely drama I’m glad lives in the past, I do miss the sense of community and the efforts of the guild members to raid successfully.

Hey Magisto,

Chris, orc warrior here. Doesn’t seem to be too many of us from that long ago

hey Chris, i remember you!


cory and i are heading over to herod, didn’t get chris this time around but you can add my battletag, oddpigeon#1883

That is awesome! I didn’t know that stuff. I got into The Vindicate during BWL progress. Finishing that raid, progressing through AQ40 and starting Naxx were great memories. Are you still in contact with Ceej? I checked in a bunch of times over the years, but never really saw anyone. Came back for a little in Wrath and played with Security and would run into some people which was nice.
It would be cool to see some people reunite for Classic. It seems Herod is the place to be. Some guys are starting to start up NvM again with Arthas OGs. Hoping and looking forward to see some old names and content again!

Xenolith and Daedric, do you guys happen to have any screenshots or videos from our raids? I have a 1% Huhu wipe (won’t let me link) and a random from MC, but thats it :frowning: I lost or deleted anything else I ever had from over the years.
I tried to find those AQ videos someone made once, or victory photos during nostalgia trips over the years, but no luck!

Inavas-- I don’t think I have anything from that age. I seem to recall some REALLY early Vindicate videos (like ZG stuff wiping on the bat boss), but I can’t find them.

I can get in contact with Ceej easily, but it has been a while since we’ve had meaningful interaction. I don’t think he plays WoW with any regularity. I usually have a comeback tour every expansion, but typically bow out a few months in.

I’m undecided if Classic is a fit for me, but I sure do like reminiscing about days long gone.

I don’t have anything but I can ask Gilderoy, Fiream, Dorthan, Urassmus if they have anything. I work with all four. I doubt they have any old media but who knows? It’s worth a try.

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Just popping on to say Hi. I for sure done have any Old Media. I will be playing on Re-Launch ? lol see yall then

You could check out Get Started Finding People HERE there are a bunch of Arthas peeps posting there.

I started as an UD priest in HOTSAUCE that was absorbed by Adelante but rerolled as a Warlock soon after.

The very premise of playing Classic is too daunting. Life’s gotten way busier than it was 15 years ago! :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m biased because I was in Gimped / TG, but I don’t think it’s fair to call us an “also ran.” Gimped was around before Aurora and we achieved horde first Rag kill. After awhile Aurora pulled ahead of us, maybe towards the end of BWL. I think they got Nefarion first, but I don’t think we were second to any other horde guild through AQ40.

THERE IS AN ARTHAS FOR CLASSIC!?!!? Spacegrass, Snuck and Whytegurl need to make a come back:P