Was i trolled?

2200 Hpally forgot to use Bubble in our first game. Then second game i died to a DK without getting healed once cos pally said he was going full offensive. literally didnt heal me and was on the other side of map.

I think i was trolled… but he lost rating too?

im confused…

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Sometimes losing rating is worth trolling a destro lock


yo could be right

S T R E A M or R E C O R D your games so people can have context and actually help you!

I don’t believe you’re 58 with how often you complain.


My mom’s 58 and I’m not sure she could even find the wow forums.

Dont dig too deep. Its not worth it. Dont… dig.

Sounds like you’re afraid of the grave old man. :ghost: :skull: :ghost: :skull_and_crossbones:


I use to have a tank partner back in wrath that sounded exactly like the whataburger commercials from the late 90s early 00s.
Dude was 62 at the time.

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No, destro isn’t underpowered. Is broken af.

Stop these threads.

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I think you just got LFGed bro. :yawning_face: :yawning_face: :yawning_face: :yawning_face:

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But he was 2200… inflation i guess

2200 isnt that hard to get anymore at least according to the Arena Forums. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :smirk: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk:

Yeh i tried pushing 2200 on lock from 2100 and i was dunked on over and over by rogue/mage and Gushing DH/UHDK + Healer teams.

I felt so suffocated.