Warriors are so bad even

Frost mages are now beating them lmfao.

Inb4 wait till ICC copium!!


Its unfair you cant be inb4 anything if you are the op.

Inb4 wait till ICC copium!

Reroll as a Frost DK become a god with armor pen and obliterate both in pvp and pve. That way your a Frost mage and warrior by ICC.

I don’t see why they shouldn’t tune things to make it more viable, I loved the idea of having sunder cooked in with your normal damage abilities

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Nice try but doesn’t count. You’re using per second and not normalized scores. Also, the Frost Mage sample is tiny - 1259 parses.


I have no problem getting into groups for heroic and heroic plus as I am casual. Love swinging my big 2H axe as I am Arms. So I think enjoying the game trumps where I fall on DPS meter.


Please stop debunking my bait.


Looks like another Ret buff is needed imo.

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This is so sad…

Blizz had a chance to re lunch the game classic and could have fixed one of the biggest complaints of their game and that is balance.
That’s all people have ever asked for
To be competitive with their peers so they can play the class they enjoy.

:cry: So sad

reroll affliction warlock

collect top dps spot


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That has so much more plate spinning than fury does though.

They can’t because warrior would be super omega busted in ICC if they were buffed now.

Blizzard would have to nerf warrior ICC gear which would cause the biggest amount of tears you’ve ever seen on this forum.

I don’t personally think warriors will be top DPS in ICC like everyone is hoping anyway but they will be up there.

DKs, rogues, and mages will be top with lock close behind.

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You don’t understand this expansion was launched with the 3.5 update which includes the armor pen Nerf …
Meaning that warriors will never be good…
They only got good at the end of ICC when they were in full ICC gear but the expansion was over at that point…

How do I not understand this when I stated this exact thing in my post?

I literally said I don’t think they will top DPS as most people think.

Maybe go reread what I said before you make these kinds of replies…

I did read your post apparently you didn’t

Maybe want to improve your reading comprehension skills then.

Fury is fine… With our extremely large weapons and massive arsenal of abilities we will be so Huge in DPS that all the Belfs, Nelfs and human chicks will need to change pants….

Thankfully i am good at plate spinning.

Want an easy class mage is right there with us

I loved wrath/cata shadow priest. Just playing something else this time around. DoT management is a fun added layer to boss fights.

You take that back.

We have to manage a dot too.