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About Us:

By Design is a newly formed guild as of Shadowlands, built from a core of returning players with varying degrees of Mythic / Cutting Edge experience, who have recently transferred to Sargeras. We are looking to bolster our roster with players who are interested in progressing Mythic content. Outside of raid, we have an active player base looking to complete M+’s every day to farm gear/io. We also play games outside of WoW and have an active Discord.

Raid Times:

Tuesday: 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM EST

Wednesday: 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM EST

Thursday: 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM EST


Extensive knowledge of your class

Non-toxic/elitist attitude

Consistent attendance (90%+)

Ability to communicate (have a working mic)

Bring dps/health pots (we provide flasks, food buffs, and vantus runes)

Desire to be competitive

Recruitment Needs:

Do not hesitate to apply even if we’re not looking for your class. We are always looking for talented players in all roles/classes.


Blood DK / Brewmaster Monk


MM Hunter
Balance Druid
Arms Warrior


Disc Priest
Holy Paladin


Btag - Storm#11949 Contact us in-game with any questions and to start the painless application process.

Hey there!

< Anima > is an Alliance based Semi-Casual Heroic/Mythic Raiding/M+ guild focused on progression at the highest, most comfortable level. However, we are more than just a “guild”, we are a community. Not only do we run together but we level together and sometimes maybe PvP together. While our goals are Heroic/Mythic raiding and M+, no one wants to play with boring people or feel like they are just a number on a roster. You are playing to have fun. We know that it’s possible to change someone’s ability to play the game, but not someone’s personality. For this reason, we are more than happy to take players without much experience in BfA at all and teach them the game inside and out. All you need to do is be willing!

What we are looking for:

Tanks - Open
Healers - Open
DPS - Open

We are looking for people that are of the ages 18 and above to join our ranks and fill our roster for both Shadowlands raiding and M+ content. Maturity is key, while we love having fun, we strive for a drama-free, relaxed community. Anima leadership and members understand, that BfA was an expansion filled with difficulties throughout its lifespan, but anyone who did or did not play during BfA is more than welcome. However, we do require prior raiding and/or M+ experience, in order to assure that incoming members are at least semi-interested in becoming a part of our WoW community.

Raid Times:

Tuesday @ 6pm - 9pm PST/Server
Weds @ 6pm - 9pm PST/Server

Tier 1 Progression:

N 10/10 H 1/10 - About a week behind due to the lockout bug from Blizzard and Holidays.

For more information feel free to contact Darkin#1234 or Aux#4685 on Discord

Hey! We have an immediate core mythic spot for a warrior!

SHIP IT on Stormrage-A
Tu/Th 9-1 EST
currently 1/10M, 9/10H with sire to 2%

We’re a group of former CE raiders that came back part way through Nyalotha and eanred 11/12M on a 4 hour schedule. We’ve increased to 8 hours for Shadowlands. Our guildies enjoy PvP , pushing keys, and playing other games together outside of raid times.

If you think we might be a good fit please contact one of us!
Rozden (Officer): Rozden#1570 (B-Net) Rozden#9651 (Discord)
Ari (Officer): Aerie#1365 (B-Net) Ari#6263 (Discord)
Struggle (GM): Illmerica#1459 (B-Net) Struggle#8815 (Discord)