Warrior utility in M+

I feel like warrior have not much to help in M+.
We only have a stun but only if talented.
For example, hunter have cc, immunity, hero/lust and they can sooth…

Give something to warrior plz

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Highest representation out of any other DPS in M+. Appears it’s one of the few classes/specs that does not need utility in order to do well.

If you want utility, just play ancient aftershock and negate the whole pack with perma cc.

Warrior should get soothe, just for the humor value.


Spell reflect is very powerful personal utility. Like, in Sanguine Depths you completely kill channel/aoe on 2nd boss. You block ice chains in NW, reflect blast in SOA goliath boss.
Slow is nice.
AP buff is nice.
Leap is a good mobility tool.
Fear has some really good uses too.
Command Shout can save your group from a wipe.

However. Warriors are just damage dealers. Kinda like Hunters/Locks/Mages. Warriors are taken to deal damage and buff Hunters. Everyone wants a good Kyrian Fury.

Rogue brings some good utility. Numbing Poison does make a big difference. However, my issue with Outlaw vs Sub, is how both specs are identical in Utility, Sub is straight up 60-70% stronger on raw damage output.

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10000000% wrong lol

I’m with you here, though all these replies are old they have all aged like milk. Warrior while it does have utility it is nothing comparable to what other classes have. And while they won’t make any changes this expac to fury I would certainly hope we get shockwave back in our talent tree again.


Warrior should get baseline disarm. Makes perfect sense and would be a unique thing.

I would also love for the damage absorb on fear to make a return.

Highest representation as in players? Where did you see that, the graph on Raid IO shows warriors being the 2nd or 3rd least pleayed in M+.

Highest in DPS? lol, what you smokin bud. That goes to a ranged dps, most likely a warlock or a hunter.


Fury is number 1 in representation for DPS

highest representation means nothing since everyone swapped to warrior at the start of the patch cause they are bandwagon meta brains… that number is super inflated because of that at the end of the day… and to top it all off just because a bunch of people play a class doesn’t mean there are no issues with the spec when reaching endgame content.


What you said means nothing given highest representation includes a vast majority of keys under 10.

Its high representation is simply because warrior is and will always be popular. It has the least utility by far for any melee spec in a mythic plus setting comparatively that is.


Right. Because Warriors are good in M+. The meta followers follow meta. Large influx of Warriors is because of how good they are in that form of content.

Never claimed there weren’t any issues. Every class has their issues.

And why should <10 keys not be counted?

Warriors are still meta slot for <10 keys.

And due to their strength (high Burst/Sustained AoE) given the content.

I wouldn’t even settle on good in mythic + given the state of how high end content is being played atm.

Top 80% in 25+ keys currently.

Which is a long shot from the claim of:

The highest representation of hunters in this is BM hunters, your argument is invalid.

Or are you now claiming that BM hunters are ‘doing well’ just because they’re highly represented?


Not so.

Depends on what you define as “well”. Theyre not as good as their other respective specs, but they’re a far cry from “horrible”. They’re a lot like Fury Warriors. Good AoE, leaves a little to be desired in ST.

Where BM lacks in raw power, they make up in utility.
Where Warrior lacks in utility, they make up in raw power.

Now this is not to say that Warriors couldn’t bring a little extra to a group setting, nor does it say that BM isn’t deserving of buffs as well. Just that there’s a little give and take. And I know that there’s classes out (rogues) that have a ton of utility and a lot of damage as well. And I do think they need reigned in a little bit. As well as Warlocks and Survival Hunters (having all the goodies and the insane damage is a bit much).

And if we look at the KSM level (15), we can still see BM hunters at a high representation, and even into the 20+ bracket, BM numbers are still fairly good.

Now raids are an entirely different beast when it comes to Fury and BM altogether as well

BM performs worse in aoe than the other two options… And they’re definitely pretty horrible when compared to the other options. The only thing that mitigates how garbage BM feels right now is that the are two other great options. Warrior doesn’t have this (though I’m not here claiming that warrior is nearly as weak as BM.

They also start to completely fall off the map above 20 compared to sv and mm.

Even though Rogues are slightly strong,I actually don’t hate it considering they bring no group buff. Their utility in dungeons brings way more than raid, but you can’t really nerf one without the other. Rogue needs a LOT of dps to justify bringing to raid on the high end to make up for the lack of any raid buff or utility.

Back to the original point though… You can’t correlate representation of a spec with strength, especially if you’re including all difficulties.

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Eh, Grizzle I think you’re interpreting the data in your own way. Anyways, bottom line is warriors suck in M+ - especially arms. Fury suck too but it’s slightly better.

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