Warrior looking for late night raiding guild


Fury warrior looking for a raiding guild that starts @ (or post) 9pm ST. Open to any days.


  • pay attention to raid mechanics
  • am always optimistic & won’t get upset if we’re wiping, will always focus on how to improve
  • come prepared to raids with repairs/flasks/ect.
  • will boost your Discord server
  • will not fuss about loot, I couldn’t care much about the loot I don’t get, will gladly pass on pieces to other members, I’m perfectly fine with w/e loot rules or reserved items
  • has a decent prot set

What I mainly want is a drama free guild that can focus come raid time.

Feel free to respond to me here or send me an in-game mail/message. Thanks!

Rogrum - hit up anyone from Nightshift. We’re actively trying to find a dps warrior and our invites start at 11PM server–raids on Friday/Saturday. We’re 8/8 BWL & MC/Ony on farm.