[Warrior] Arms and Fury both need help

(Bobbydígital) #121

do you feel like WW is used a lot?

(Drezwazluz) #122

WW isn’t on my bars unless I’m playing FoB, which is only a few bosses.

(Bobbydígital) #123

and i would say that means there is a problem with the ability

(Drezwazluz) #124

I…I didn’t say there wasn’t…?


Like these sh it devs are going to listen.

(Matjek) #126

No reason stormbolt shouldn’t work like monk/DH CC … I am even fine if prot doesn’t have it.


Hello, I do not usually post but I feel this topic is important enough to merit my 2 cents. I have been playing WoW since vanilla and have been on and off for a while. I returned to BFA some months ago and decided I would finally level and max a warrior as I remember how the class has played throughout the years.
In today’s WoW has many classes that have been giving various awesome utility tools and what not (which is great, nothing against them) however, when I play my warrior it very much feels like it has been left in the past as far as those things go.
I do enjoy playing my warrior and do stay competitive with what I got but, I am left marveling at other classes and their spells whether it’s their insane mobility, various CC options, damage, and immunities. The warrior class desperately needs to be taken into consideration by the devs and compared against other classes to come up with some new spells or make what they have work to better fit the modern WoW class. Thank for reading!


Like others, i would like to see our classe bring more to the table … our dps is lower/middle of the pact, we bring no utilities, except a barely noticeable cooldown… we don’t have CC’s… No aoe stun… ETC ETC…

Fine blizz, you don’t want us to have CC’s i’ll live with that but give us magistral dps, give us utilities. Mass Spell reflect could be a good idea.
Only reason group want one in raid is for the Dmg Buff, and in mythic +, we are traded for a scroll…
I feel like warrior aren’t bad enough to get attention, but we’re never good too… so we stay under the radar… again and again…

(Drezwazluz) #129

From ToT to Uldir, warrior dps was always top 5 meta. Either arms, or fury, and sometimes both. It’s fair that fury is middle of the pack and arms is suffering, but don’t be misleading or play the victim where it’s not due.


As usual, take what suits you and ignore the rest. When the warrior was/is in meta for M+ (dps spec) ? And was in meta for Uldir until over nerf azerite trait/talent. And because it seems right to you that the rouge/dh does 50% more damage than the warrior in M+ plus an absurd amount of utility?

(Drezwazluz) #131

I never said it “seems right to me”.

(Varrow) #132

Pretty sure Blinka was only referring to the current state in that a warrior isn’t bad, but it’s never good right now

But it’s also correct that until now Warrior has almost had one dps spec be a top contender.

(Drezwazluz) #133

I thought so too, with the exception of the final “again and again” comment. Which makes me think otherwise.

Rather be corrected on intent later, than not attempt to correct a false belief.

(Niingdorei) #134

For M+, you can look at utility and compare warriors to other specs and try to figure out what is lacking and what thematically could be added (i.e. warriors shouldn’t be polymorphing things into chickens) but in the end it’s almost all about damage.

Look at prot warriors for a great example. They have almost no utility. Shockwave is pretty good but other tanks have more. It’s just their dps is off the charts.

And at this point major tuning isn’t going to happen until 8.2 almost certainly. Which of course makes feedback real important right now, just don’t expect changes for a month and a half.

One other thing to keep in mind particularly for M+ is we don’t have a clue what the next season affix is. That will make a huge difference in viability of dps styles.

(Drezwazluz) #135

The damage isn’t what makes prot strong. And they do bring good utility. So, no.

I mean, no. Fury has objectively very high damage output. Arms has good aoe burst, but weak aoe sustain and single target. It’s not damage that suffers.

(Varrow) #136

Ehhhh, unless you’re pulling baby mode keys you aren’t usually operating in a constant state of burst AoE. I would agree that damage isn’t the main issue with warriors (especially non Arms), but for Arms I think it’s certainly a noticeable factor.

It would probably be ok IF the single target damage of arms was more competitive in general IMO. The weakness of sustained AoE as fine, but having some of the worst single target, and some of the worst sustained cleave/AoE is a problem.

(Bobbydígital) #137

WW is still a button that looks good on paper(an AoE rage dump) but no practical use in any actual in-game scenario.

give cleave baseline please. with sweeping down on CD, we’re left to a lackluster single target rotation between our cooldowns. more damage would make this “better” but wouldn’t solve the awkwardness of moments like that.

dumping rage without FoB or rend feels absolutely awful. slam just doesn’t cost enough and with haste procs it turns into cap on rage or waste OP procs.

arms with a flood of resources does not feel “good”, not like fury or any other spec does. i don’t feel in control with IFTK haste and trinket procs, yet the raging berserker spec absolutely does.

(Drezwazluz) #138

This is just false. Haste increases rage generation, but it also increases apm by a similar amount. That’s the main reason Gale is used over quick, for example. More haste does not bring about an overabundance of rage.

In place of slam on 3+ targets when SS and WB/BS is down.

Arms with a flood of resources is from crit, and OP procs. Which, in reality, isn’t actually a significant amount more rage generated than normal. It’s just more GCDs spent using free abilities instead of ones with cost.

You think that fury feels “in control” with 150% haste? A .75 GCD spamming so fast you can barely keep up is “in control” to you?

No spec “feels good” when you’re overcapping resource and cannot spend it fast enough. Not one.

You don’t feel “in control” with a pretty static 30 second CD that gives a slight bump in haste for 10 seconds? Really? How does that work.

(Bobbydígital) #139

skull splitter, grong trinket and free slams from CA contribute to making getting rid of it a problem in scenarios where you are get lucky with crits, although the loss of control trinket is probably the greatest offender.

fury dumps a bar in a GCD and still feels great with the island exp. shrine that gives 80% haste


Fury only really suffers with capped AoE damage above 5 targets. You can talent Bladestorm, but that is limited (maybe should be added to Anger Management for Fury).