[Warrior] Arms and Fury both need help

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Beast Master is in a bad spot, but so are other specs. Like Arms Warriors and mages (especially arcane)

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is it even worth having a conversation about ravager?

has this ever been a competitive talent? didn’t play in WoD or legion but

come on. i quit at the start of WoD and this talent somehow survives a few years but all the other good stuff doesn’t?

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I think the best place to start would be have CC/Mobilitie/Damage/AoE/Survivability Talents on the propor dang Talent Tiers for one.


Only time it was used was in legion with the legendary helm and ToS 4 piece. You drop ravager and do your normal rotation because the helm gave you a flat % damage increase while ravager or bladestorm was active. Howevr now it’s completely worthless and has been for most expansions.

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Too many dead talents, arms useless in 90% of PVE. Warriors have minimal presence outside of protection in M+. Then we get not a single tuning adjustment to solve the ongoing issues. Nice Game.


Looks like no changes until 8.2?

One can dream.

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Imagine releasing an entire patch, that has almost nothing in it.

Then it also doesn’t have almost any tuning at all in it, and only making a single tuning pass on anything since season 2.

I don’t even know what to say lol. How can you ignore tuning so blatantly like this. “We’ll continue to make adjustments via hotfix”


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I’m actually really surprised we didn’t see much tuning this patch. I figured the reason we didn’t see any tuning after the big tuning pass over a month ago was that we would see an extensive pass in 8.1.5. Sad to see that wasn’t the case. It’s nice to see they were addressing Beast Mastery being so low, but Arms, both DK specs, and Fire mages could use some love.

I’m currently enjoying Fury much more than Arms at the moment so I’m glad it’s not the preferred spec in it’s current state because it just feels much worse to play than Fury. The downtime of Arms and rage starve moments just feel bad. I think for me to love Arms again, I would rage see a world where it had a constant flow. Culprits of this for Arms are talents, tuning, and traits.


So basically demo shout? I remember that button…


They were useful in every form of pVp.


Oh yeah, cuz arms has so many buttons, adding one more is too hard…

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The problem is there’s already a similar effect given by monks, with the other key difference being that its a “hit once and forget about it” mechanic. It wouldn’t be so great to have to manage something that’s a raid CD because when you get mechanics and have to leave melee range or stop attacking the boss, if it falls off that’s not just effecting you, but the entire physical damage raid dps.

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another damage bonus from simply being in the raid is boring and a bad idea imo.

DH buff is very good and relevant but would prefer us to get something in a different vein.

for arms, i think having CS and deep wounds is a little redundant. they are both ways to just take dmg from other abilities and bake them into passives with the DW dot or dmg boost component of CS.

imo, give us on or the other.


jeez, this thread is already so big. why hasn’t a blue responded to this yet?

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Because they have never been capable in the last like 6 years of actually responding to warrior feedback, especially when it’s well written.


One day my frans

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Feedback that is heard doesn’t always result in responses from devs.


This does not mean that someone reads them. Indeed from the results i say that the opposite is evident.


^so much this especially arms.

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Again, not necessarily true. A good example of Blizzard never replying but clearly listening happened twice specifically for Arms warriors.

The first was during Beta/Alpha for Legion where the Focused Rage talent was considered a bad and trap talent. Subsequently every patch it was buffed until launch, where a lot of sims proved wrong and resulted in Focused Rage being absolutely insane levels of damage.

The second was the nerf to one of our Artifact Traits, exploit the weakness (Increased your tactician proc rate). EtoW traits were worth close to 30 iLevels based on othe relics, but it also smoothed out gameplay for the spec. Blizzard, rightfully, moved to nerf the trait as it was overperforming and creating awkward gearing moments.

I personally took to the forums made a large post (like this one) describing the issues with this change where not only numerically painful but also painful gameplay wise. Blizzard added a stronger baseline effect to Tactican to preserve some of the gameplay while putting everything else in line.

In both of the scenarios not a single forum post was created in response to the concerns of the spec, yet the appropriate (Or in focused rage’s case the assumed appropriate actions) occured.

Simply because they have not responded, does not mean they aren’t listening to our feedback.