[Warrior] Arms and Fury both need help


This thread is spot on. I can’t speak to arms very well, but as Fury it is extremely frustrating not being able to bring anything special to M+. Our damage is in a decent position, but it’s still the damage you’d expect from a spec that brought more utility to the group.

We ultimately are competing against rogues and DHs for spots in M+, both of whom do comparable damage. Our closest comparison, the DH, does basically the same damage, but much better burst, has double charge baseline, aoe stun baseline, a great party wide CD, and a minute long cc.

Mobility has always been a defining trait of warriors, and in PVE it just isn’t anymore without serious sacrifices elsewhere that our competitors don’t have to make. Double time needs to be baseline at this point, and we need all mobility talents moved to a single row so that we can choose HOW we want to be mobile, not IF we want to be mobile. We need an aoe stun, the fact of the matter is, if you’re bringing any dps warrior, you’re probably dropping a DH, and the aoe stun is essential to success in M+. At this point I don’t care if its baseline or talented, we just have to have it. I don’t particularly care how this affects pvp. Intimidating shout is nearly useless in pve, they could get rid of it for all I care if we get an aoe stun. Theres tons of other solutions to potential pvp issues, they just have to pick one.

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you may not care for pvp but that doesn’t make it irrelevant and discussing changes without considering how it will affect arenas and such is a real bad idea

i would change our mobility tier to utility, with us still having fear baseline and the choice to pick stormbolt, turning our fear into shockwave, and some mechanic that affects targets when the fear from intimidating fades. i think dealing reduced dmg is a good idea, maybe refreshing up to X seconds when the target attacks the warrior.

could still have double CC in the form of fear + bolt for arenas, and in M+ we can run a shockwave that ideally has rumbling earth built in


Being an objectively worse DH in every way ain’t fun design. I literally play this character to be a buffbot for my raid. I don’t need 10 immunes and 5 raid cooldowns, just talented Shockwave back or baseline Stormbolt or anything at all really. Either give us some semblance of utility or re-delete buffs so I can play something other than this Oliver Twist class please!

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bring back banners

allow arms, master of battlefield mobility or whatever you guys are pushing, to charge their banners as well.

(Drede) #25

Banners sucked except for prot warriors. They should be a prot exclusive thing.

(Bobbydígital) #26

laughs in skullbanner, glove tinker CS stormbolt

no way you believe that. demo banner was amazing and multiple warriors lining up their banners with each other’s CS windows was the bees knees.

edit: alright demo wasn’t amazing; it had to “hit” the boss to work and so didn’t affect all mechanics but still

(Drede) #27

Demo banner was just a severely nerfed Demo Shout.

Not every raid had multiple Warriors.

Skull Banner just wound up being macroed.

The best one was always Mocking Banner because it was an amazing prot tool.

(Drezwazluz) #28

You mean to tell me you occasionally see silly, imbalanced things in a random battleground.

You’re blowing my mind.


Just tossing my comments in here that we need work on utility. We don’t bring anything to the table that can’t be done by a rogue or DH.

(Rouxgaroux) #30

Was…was that supposed to be a rebuttle? Nerf Fury.

(Drezwazluz) #31

You are legitimately asking for a spec to be nerfed because you see it accomplish silly things in a random. Battleground.

It was less a rebuttal, more thinly veiled mocking.

(Rouxgaroux) #32

And still stupid none the less. You’re almost suggesting that somehow, their laughable self healing isn’t just as good in rates BGs? Hell even arena? Yes because somehow, all that ability that puts them in the top 5 in healing in random BGs doesnt function in rated BGs or Arena…that’s what you are suggesting? Well you can’t fix stupid I guess. Mock away fool.

Nerf Fury.

(Drezwazluz) #33

I’m suggesting in rated PvP, people typically have the coordination and general, basic ability to CC, kite, and otherwise stop a fury warrior from healing. And that the build you take to get that stupid high healing does not work in said organized PvP.

Because people are less stupid in organized, rated PvP.

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You actually don’t even know how fury works, or what allows for the high healing, or the talents, or anything. You legitimately, in a few random battlegrounds, saw a fury warrior doing high healing, and decided “Yeah, that clearly is a good reason to nerf a spec”


(Bobbydígital) #35

skull banner was still a “valuable” raid CD, especially in a tier with so many burn phases like ToT

demo banner being a weaker demo shout doesn’t change it still being a decent, 10% DR, assuming it would “hit” whatever mechanic you wanted to hit for less.

i think the most glaring issue with them was skull being macroed and forgotten unless you started staggering them for everyone’s CS windows.


The problem is that fury healing doesn’t exist if you just focus and kill the warrior with 2/3 people; In BGs, if you focus a warrior with 3 healers on him, he won’t die.

It’s the fury paradox. You do amazing healing on the meters if there’s someone else keeping you alive to let you continue hitting people with bloodthirst.

But if you CC the fury’s healer in arena and hard-swap on it with 2/3 people, that fury -will- die in a few seconds because it has no other defensives other than the slow (but constant) dripfeed of selfhealing.

Alternatively, play with a frost mage and watch him cry as he’s never able to hit anyone.


This thread is so good yet it wont get looked at : /, community management is busy replying to transmog/titanforging/allied race threads to make time for this. Honestly not surprised they laid off part of this sector because they didn’t help anyways.


Giving both arms and fury storm bolt baseline would be a great step in the right direction. You could then add a new talent that makes intimidating shout more useful in storm bolts place.


  • Baseline defensive stance. It feels weird having to spec into our most reliable defensive. Stance dancing fits the theme of a seasoned tactical warrior.

  • Baseline Executioners precision. I really enjoy the interplay that it provides to the class. It was just frustrating that it caused the rotation to become overly spammy.

  • Balance the DPR for Mortal Strike. Others have said this but Mortal Strikes cost doesn’t fit given how much it does. Either increase the damage or decrease the cost.


Really well thought out, 100% agree, and the worst part is this is an easy fix. Arms play is fun still. You could “fix” arms by

  1. Giving a flat damage buff (this is the lazy mans way, but its worth it)
  2. Give a large buff to execute, give us the natch of progression push/back end loaded.
  3. bake in the old executioners procession trait into the spec. (it was fun and engaging, not just a dps boost.)

Anyways, thanks.

(Drezwazluz) #40

Yeah, but…how. You just hit MS every now and again in execute. It’s not exactly in depth.

You add a button.