Warrior and envoker

Dragon charge and dragon roar,

Are they here to stay?

Nope they are also taking away dragons breath, altar time, rejuv, regrowth, and everything else related to the dragon aspects

get rid of them pls. give envoker a tank spec, and give em those. give warrior some new abilities

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where did this get said?

It was a sarcastic joke

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in their defense, when they announced Demon Hunters they killed Demo lock completely to give DH Meta…


Didn’t DH have meta in warcraft

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Yes, but Demo locks used to have something like a Meta before the legion rework. Instead of making DH’s meta more unique, they literally made Demo a totally different spec than It used to be because they had a skill that they wanted DH’s to have…

Yes this is primarily a fear stemming from the “metamorphis” incident were DH took priority in gaining and retaining certain iconoc abilties that left other classes stripped of them.

If your wondering…no blizzard did not go about this subtlely and iirc locks never got a replacement remotely simmilar.

Correct. Demo is an embarassing dot spec that has the animations for demons but otherwise plays nothing like it should.

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