WARNING- TCG or Blizzard Store Purchasers


Howdy folks!
I own several trading card mounts/pets, and a few blizzard store ones too.
I paid money for some, gold for others.
I purchased these mounts/pets over the past 11 years because I liked the design/model looks.
So patch 8.1 drops and the in game strider npc models have been “updated”.
I also own one of the rarest mounts in the game, the Swift Shorestrider (8 times rarer than the Swift Spectral Tiger), which I bought for about 70 dollars on a tcg selling website several years ago. (It sells for about 500 dollars now btw).
I bought this mount for it’s pretty, blue/orange color and looks, looks that I thought were permanent.
Well guess what? Apparently blizzard can change your cash PURCHASED mount’s/pet’s model design anytime they want, even if you paid thousands (e.g. Murky, Spectral Tiger) for them.
Not cool Blizz. Not cool.
Customers specifically buy your store and licensed trading card mounts for the look that they have AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE.
If I would have known you were gonna/could alter my purchases any time you felt like it, I wouldn’t have bought them.
I bought the original mount model. I OWN THAT MODEL.
So blizzard how, in good faith, can you take that purchased model away from me?
It is unfair and misleading and, frankly, bad business.
You don’t sell somebody a Porsche and then change it into a Gremlin…
So please, in good faith and fair business practices, revert my Swift Shorestrider back to the MODEL I PURCHASED.

And just a heads up for all you Spectral Tiger owners: blizzard is planning to change the in-game npc tiger models soon too. Who knows what will happen to your purchases…

PS- I did submit a ticket regarding this and the GM basically told me he felt sorry but couldn’t do anything. Told me to “Submit it as a Suggestion” lol

(Teufelgott) #3

To be clear, you don’t ‘own’ anything that exists within the game. You have paid to unlock an art asset. Nothing more, nothing less.


Shame if they actually updated them. It makes sense to keep things up to date though(wish they were more consistent)

(Lavalämp) #5

Personally, I think they did a fantastic job on the strider updates


No, you don’t own anything and Blizz isn’t responsible for the purchase that you made with a third party. The TCG mounts were not bought. A person bought the card, they were then given access to the mount in game as a gift for opening the card. If you bought the code and not the card, that’s between you and the person you bought it from.

Store mounts also aren’t bought directly. You buy the ability to use them in game, nothing more. You own nothing in game. You do not even own your account. You simply rent it from Blizz and Blizz has the right to change an thing they want to in game.


I purchased the old artwork, which is what they were advertising and selling.

(Nobully) #8

you probably shouldn’t randomly click “agree” without reading what you’re agreeing to.

…or the fine print on that Porsche, may be informing you that it will turn into a gremlin if you get it wet.

(Cyous) #9

I’m like 99% sure there’s a clause in there that virtual items are volatile.


You own absolutely nothing on your account, in fact you don’t even own the account. You were simply given the privilege to access the game with money, so Blizz can do whatever they want their their game whenever they want.

(Tovi) #11

No, it’s very cool. I also own this mount and the graphics on it were bad. Really bad.

I love tallstriders but they really needed the update Blizzard gave them.

Oh good. These have ugly models too.


It is unfortunate but the only thing you own is the physical card with the code on it. Blizz can change models whenever they want. It happened to the Amani war bear. It is in the TOS.

(Tovi) #13

I loved this update too. I hope they also update my Red Bearon mount.


It’s not about their TOS. It’s about the fact that they actually do it.
It’s an unnecessary change to people’s expensive/timespent collections.
This post a just a warning to future purchasers.
Blizz doesn’t give a crap. And their subscription losses show this…

(Tovi) #15

Or a blessing. Your opinion isn’t the only one that matters. I own every TCG mount except the blue rocket and I hope every single one of them gets updated.

Especially the Red Raptor. That one still pisses me off.

(Azuremi) #16

Before and after pics ?

(Tovi) #17



When they updated the bears, they DID NOT change my Big Battle Bear mount, btw.

(Daemonium) #19

I’m not being negative or snarky at all when I say that Blizzard has this well covered in their ToS and other legal disclaimers. If you read them (and I know, Reading legalese is only slightly less annoying than being subjected to fingernails on a blackboard), they make it a point to state very matter-of-factly state that they maintain all “ownership” to anything related to the game.

All we have the rights to is using whatever they throw our way in whatever form, shape, size, color, etc., they see fit to allow. Other than that we own nothing, have no rights to demand anything, or (and this one you can try) tell them what we want.

Like the GM, I’m sorry that you ran into this bureaucratic nonsense but, especially in the last couple of decades, corporations in America have been taking their operation cues from the Vogons.


Didn’t say it was. Just a heads up.
I feel it would be nice if they’d give us the choice to display either model.

(Tovi) #21

Yeah, you did. According to this post, all the TCG mount models in my collection belong to you: