Warmode “advantage”


I’ve seen quite a bit of salty from horde about alliance having some type of advantage in warmode. Now I don’t personally consider leveling a bit faster an advantage. I would consider being able to stay alive against the 120’s horde players that comically camp a level 60 toon like mine, an advantage.
So while you waste your time camping low level toons, I’ll just log a bit and wait for you to get bored so I can get back to leveling. And before someone brings up the tears of free gear to pvp, doesn’t matter how free the gear is if it’s useless because I’m already geared better. So in end, I wpvp for the extra salt :kissing_heart:


30% xp buff translates into about 36 free levels or 3 out of every 10 bars a lvl from 1-120 its quite a bit

(Lathander) #3

Which matters when Horde have three full raid groups camping WQs and flight paths at level 120.