Warm Up with Big Savings on Pets, Mounts, and More During Our Holiday Sale!

It isn’t showing a discount for me. Shows $20 for the set.

“Check out these cool mounts!”

…that you can’t actually use because they don’t dragonfly.

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Tyrael’s Charger really /sigh

Please make the Molten Corgi a shop item, or a Twitch drop; something, anything–I just need that corgi in my life! :dracthyr_cry_animated:

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All I want for Christmas is a transfer to Grobbulus. That would make my week :slight_smile:

When buying a transmog set in the trading post will it be sold as a complete set or in pieces?

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End of year cash grab

thanks for finally doing the winter sale.

we’re gonna get windchills around -25f tonight.

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Yay finally got my Wen Lo 50% off. Sucks to be subbed with Wowtokens and not get the mounts included with our sub :frowning:

Santa wears shorts here!

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Stay warm man… those temps aren’t fit for man nor beast… I don’t know how my grandparents homesteaded in this state…

we also getting up to 2 ft of snow here over the next couple days. with 50-60 mph wind gusts.

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Ooof… Yeah we’ve gotten a lot so far and more to come later this week. I decided I’m staying in this Christmas. I saw the fam at Thanksgiving but the weather isn’t giving me the warm fuzzies.

You’re doing the world wrong.

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It is 20 degree’s here. I am 24/7 coooold and sneezy.

enjoying adding pics

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so far on the ptr any gear sets come in ensembles

20 degrees…psh thats a warm day in wisconsin during january. :cold_face: we get temps down to -35f -45f even -50f here.

Does santa also wear a Hawaiin shirt and ride some gnarly waves on his surfboard?