Warlocks are having their Observer deleted

IF PvPers are truly complaining about such things, then they should disable ALL transmogs, glyphs, toys, etc. in BGs and arenas. But disabling it all for everyone is obscene.

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If pvper can’t remember a couple of pets, they probably shouldn’t be pvping


oh look…its you again. i bet draenei are confused by the observer.

They aren’t. The excuse really doesn’t make any sense considering warlocks in PvP pretty much only use either the felguard as demo or don’t use a pet using GoS instead. It’s not like it’s super common for someone to have a felhunter/observer actually out anyway, so it isn’t getting confused for darkglare or the PvP observer talent. They are just scapegoating PvPers for whatever reason.

Also, PvPers have been asking for cosmetic glyphs that change spell effects as PvP rewards for years. This simply isn’t an issue for us.

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1 less appearance to add potentially 50 more customization choices for what they can summon, is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

That isn’t how hunters work but ok. Hunters have always had 40+ different families of pets (hell there are 60 total now with dragonflight). If anything they should add a pet collection tab for hunters. Add a Filter by family. Adding more stable slots is just getting messy.

Last time I looked warlock was 9th, out of 13 classes (for popularity), where hunter is #1. Why give warlocks any love at all to be honest :stuck_out_tongue: (not being serious on this, just pointing out numbers, be happy blizzard is paying any attention to you guys)

I wonder which one of Blizzard’s idiot butt-hurt devs got owned by a Warlock with an Observer.


blizzard isnt gonna do this.

This is a seriously dumb change and an even worse excuse for making it. Let warlocks have their customization.


Not according to the explanation. They’re just outright deleting it because:

Hmm,I wonder if these time skips have something to do with this?

If clarity is such a huge reason why we don’t have any cosmetic options (or removal of) why don’t we just get an option that disables other people’s glyphs.

I can still have my glyph changed abilities and any people with clarity issues can be boring.

Guess it’s a lot less work to just outright remove it than make options, how coincidental.



I could live with that - take accountability for marginal competence and not create some alternate reality of ‘for the players.’

Problem is they don’t take accountability for anything. Lately a lot of VERY dumb ideas have been pushed into the games. From WoW tokens in WoLK classic, to this, to lightforged/mag’har warlocks, firing an employee for making a goblin sound as greedy as their CEO, enabling sharding on RP servers again,
you can tell that someone in management is trying to shake the snowglobe up and hope to justify their job when those are the wrong decisions to be making.

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Agreed. I’ve given up trying to understand. If I made decisions that upset my customers/stakeholders to the point it cost money, I’d get sh!tcanned.

In think everyone has to be honest. I know I have.

But I still enjoy the game, so I am still paying, Alot of these changes are pretty stupid though.

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Bummer, I love the uniqueness of the observer option

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Still getting ignored by Blizzard…


This would be like saying, hey hunters, you can’t tame pets anymore, from now on you just get one set model for each pet spec. Have fun with your bear/cat/lizard/bird recolors

For me what is most disappointing is this is it’s basically the nail in the coffin to any demon taming future mechanics which is … Really highly disappointing

There are so many existing demon models that could be used, but instead we are taking two steps back and removing an existing option that’s been around for literal years… Because of pvp allegedly

I personally have never had an issue with pvp and observers. Pvpers weigh in and tell me if the demon being an observer just makes it harder for you, because that’s what blizz thinks

Edit: :clown_face: on me because here I was hoping we might even have seen an updated observer one day. Corehounds as felguards. The possibilities are endless but God forbid the silhouttes arent the same

Don’t see any mention of hunters doing stuff like naming their pet after themself so pvpers get confused targeting… No no the observer is the problem


Hmmm why can the Observer be another skin for the Affliction Darkglare? I mean they could just add it to that no need to remover it completely. (IMO)