Warlock's 10.0 Wishlist

Just curious what everyone else is hoping for the next expansion with Warlocks. Here’s mine:

In general, I hope warlocks get an interrupt without relying on a pet to do it. Also, burning rush to be baseline so we have some sort of movement without borrowered power. Even if the conduit they have where using the demonic circle teleport gives you a movement speed boost would be a huge win in my book.

I’m hoping demonology gets a newer, stronger pet for DPS like a doomguard while felguard is the tank pet for demo and Doomguard is the DPS pet. I also hope that inner demons, demonic consumption, and demonic callling become baseline and some of the legendaries take the place of the talents like wilfred’s, grim inquisitor and grimhorned nightmare or even the fel obelisk from our pvp talent tree gets put in the regular talent tree.

I’m hoping destruction gets cataclysm and shadowburn as a baseline spells and that madness and cinders become talents. Also, chaos bolt hitting harder would be great too.

I’m hoping afflicition gets… fixed from whatever it is now. Just need it to do more damage and however they do it, I’m good with it personally; however I know a lot of people are attached to this spec the most so however they fix it, I hope it still pleases them.

What about you?


For Destro specifically, some mobility changes. Maybe that’s BR baseline but I’d prefer some sort of blink ability instead. When soulshape goes away, being a warlock is going to be crippling again. Warlock mobility is pretty bad as-is, but Destro has it the worst.

For Warlocks as a whole, I think we need more customization, especially around demons. The models are super outdated and there is a huge resource of demons from Legion that could be repackaged as pet options. Something similar to hunters would be cool, but it doesn’t have to be as extravagant as that.


My Wish List?

  • Demonic Tyrant is now 60s of Cooldown, it’s duration is reduced to 10s, It’s damage amplification gets removed Its duration extension of other demons/energy freeze gets reduced to 10s.

  • Demonic Consumption stays as a talent, but it’s values get converted from working around Stamina to working around Intellect, adjustments are made towards It.

  • Nether Portal gets reworked in a way that i don’t know, but who is fun and engaging, its cooldown is reduced to 2min.

  • Sacrificed Souls get reworked to remove its negative interactions with AOE rotation and enable viable demonbolt build similar to how there is a viable one right now.

  • Allow me to dismiss Wild Imps when i dismiss felguard.

  • Inner demons either gets reworked or deleted, maybe remove the wild imps part and make it summon a random demon after every X Soulshards Spent.

  • Soul Conduit gets reworked to instead of being a proc, work similar to Destro [2] bonus piece “after every X soulshards refund 1 Soulshard”.

  • Soul Strike gets changed to give it some better design space where it can exist together with VF and From the Shadows.

  • Felguards get Slightly buffed so it again becomes the defacto Main pet for Demonology for damage, as currently Sayyad/Succubus technically is higher single target in long fights where you don’t use Demonic Consumption.

  • Power Siphon gets fixed to always dismiss the imps with lowest energy.

  • Wild Imps get slightly buffed as tyrant now impacts wild imps less (only freeze their energy for 10s and no longer increase their damage by 15%) the increase could be made by increasing the amount of casts to 7 but a damage increase is also fair game, reflect the same on implosion to keep parity.

  • Revert the 6s to summon a pet, or at least reduce it to 4s and gives demonology Demonic Rebirth.

  • I am unsure of this, but i would like to see the adjustments towards the Duration of GFG/VF/Dogs, Demonology setup is proportional to the duration of their demons, GFG/VF/Dogs have a setup of 15s due to GFG/VF while GFG/Dogs have a setup of around 10s due to Dreadstalkers, shorter durations while keeping same dps would help pets being bustier on their own too or give design space to add other characteristics in them.

Overall i am against making talents baseline, but Burning Rush is probably a talent an exception to this, specially considering we are going to no longer have Soul Shape at 10.0

And this is extremely important, Demonology need some form of borrowed power that makes the spell feel faster.

In bfa it had EP and it felt awesome, in Shadowlands we have Borne of Blood who made us cast more demonbolts instead of Shadowbolts giving the illusion of speed and it also felt awesome.

so…yeah, very important, give us one of those for 10.0

Bonus Round: Remove haste as a secondary stat largely avaliable on gear, to compensate reduce the cast-time of many spells baseline.


I’d like to see as shorter usage time for Demonic Gateway, at least for the warlock. They can nerf it for pvp if they need to.

Health Funnel should either be a burst heal or at least allow us to move/cast whilst channeling.

If Burning Rush is base-line then they’d have to remove the drain-health part or I’d never use it. Maybe they could just give it a timer like Soul Shape.

I’d also like a talent that removes aggro (pretty sure we had something like that before) given that we are one of the slowest moving classes.

Finally, as a Demo Warlock, I’d like to be able to go through a teleport and not lose all my imps. Also, change Corruption into something useful.


cinders leggo baseline, flash over talent base line, cataclyms baseline, bane of havoc pvp talent remplacing DS, DS baseline then i can die in peace

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I mainly hope all classes just get a talent tree rework. Would prefer if the talent tree were simply passives that buff and or change how spells work. Leaving the abilities to be BASELINE as they should. I really want the PVP talent trees either removed or reworked harshly.


  • I want UA to hurt, really bad. It has cast time, one target (unless pvp talent) and yet it still gets outshined by Agony’s dmg (with talent selected).
  • I want soul-shard spending mechanic gone! Why does every spec have to have soul-shard spending? If it has to be in the spec, make it a meter gauge instead and allow it to be consumed by UA only. (no UA Stacking like BFA). Just one stack that’s it and add rapid contagion as a baseline resource spender alongside UA.
    • I rather have MR as an aoe burst with 15-30 sec CD. Would have more weight to it and will solve that missing dmg.
  • More dot dmg.
  • Siphoned life should be a passive that empowers ur afflictions and lets you heal from a portion of its dmg like the good old days.
  • Drain soul needs to be reworked imo. I hate how this tends to fight with Drain life over the course of the expansions.

Graphics and sound effects need to be leveled up already.

— I honestly can’t enjoy the other two specs. I love the theme it’s trying to do but I hate the execution of it.

Demo: My thoughts on more aesthetic appeal than anything else

  • Demonology spec needs to be focused as a pure pet summoning class. Not trying to make Demon fire a wannabe Chaosbolt from destruction.
  • More pet choices. More summons of different strengths. the coolest thing about this spec is the Big boy Tyrant, but that long cooldown and wait to use it makes it feel so meh at times.

Destruction: My thoughts on more aesthetic appeal than anything else

  • This spec just feels like a Fire mage casting Demonic pyroblast. What happened to the legion portal bolt spell? Why wasn’t this kept! it was the coolest thing about this spec. We need more stuff like that imo. More spells that feel more warlocky and less Fire mage.

My wishlist for Demo-

Get rid of the build imps/spend imps playstyle.

Get rid of idea that Demo has to have Felguard out.

Make Demo an actual “master of demons”…heck a semi-permanent enslave…err subjugate… demon spell, where you can control the demon until it dies, or you release it. (grated this would be problematic with all the silly things that dismisses pets)

More pets, more pets that do different things. Ie, an AOE tank pet, a single target tank pet, a anti-caster pet, a CC pet, a AoE DPS pet, a single target DPS pet, etc. (ie buff the ones that already do this, and add more that do specialized things)

Plus more glyph type things to change the appearance of pets.

Dark Apotheosis…since meta will never come back.

But I have ZERO hope anything at all will change.


Affliction: Higher dot damage.
My warrior in 261 pvp gear’s 3 basic moves are raging blow, bloodthirst and rampage which do 4300, 4000, and 8000 dmg respectively. Not using any cooldowns and just using those moves with auto attacks I do 5k dps on a target dummy.

My warlock in 254 pvp gears 3 main moves are corruption, agony, and unstable affliction which do 4600 dmg over 14 secs, 15.5k over 25 secs, and 12.3k over 21 seconds.
When I do these 3 moves spamming shadowbolt i do 1600 dps.

To really put this in perspective, when I just auto attack with my warrior I do 800 dps. This is while not being enraged because I’m not using bloodthirst and rampage which would increase my dmg by 30%.

My lock with 3 dots and hitting with my staff i do 1300 dps. And keep in mind, this is with 44% mastery so they are doing 44% more damage.

I get they want to have us use maleficient rupture so we use soul shards, but our dots are basically auto attacks. I also understand that they may be worried about our multi target dmg, but the 2 we can put on anything we want which are corruption and agony actually only do the same dmg as my warrior’s auto attacks.

Aff is a dot spec, but the dots barely do any damage. They need to at least double the dmg of the dots


Buffs/reworks for specs.

Destruction gets buffed for ST. Less RNG and more raw power behind Chaos Bolts. I think CB should cost all soul shards you currently have and for every soul shard consumed it gets an additional 50 or 100% damage buff. Make it where you spend 1 bolt per 5 shards and it just hits harder than a mac truck.

Demonology gets its MoP version back, exactly as that was back in MoP. I think that was the best version I’ve ever seen for it especially the demon form as a CD.

Affliction gets another rework closer towards Legion and towards MoP and WoD versions. 3 DoTs: UA becomes a regular DoT, Agony and Corruption with Drain Soul baseline as filler. Talents get to enhance these 4 DoTs and then the last talent row is like: Execute DoTs, faster ticking DoTs at all times, or something else as well. Baseline it gets Soul Harvest back from Legion as a CD and the shard spender, if it has one, becomes Soul Burn, Haunt OR Rapid Contagion.
More DoT rot style is the actual way it plays, not MR or anything like that.

Baseline interrupts for all specs would be nice yeah.

I don’t want BR to stay in the game. I don’t like it, especially as it burns your life away. Very Warlocky, though, but I just don’t like obliterating my own HP every second. Also, if they keep it it needs to auto turn off when you’re CCed instead of remaining on. If I got stunned it stays on and I am unable to turn it off. I want Warlocks to go back to being mega tanky but slow, as long as they have things to keep them from being CCed or knocked back. Like if we had something to keep us from being knocked back for Halondrus but we had no mobility that fight would have been fine as you just kept moving at a slow pace and would have gotten through the walls while being slow since no knockbacks would have happened.

Talent reworks for all specs.

Gateway having shorter cast time plus shorter down time thing. Rather than every 2 minutes make it every minute.

Being able to throw down your Demonic Circle anywhere without heading over there would be nice. Give it a spell circle thing and you get to set it up to 20 yards away from you.

I want all classes/specs to go less for burst and more into a sustained damage profile. If not this, then at least where it makes sense to have a sustained damage profile. DoT specs should be about sustained damage, not burst, so if not all 36 specs in the game being more sustained and less burst then at least DoT specs should be exactly like this.

Also, Healthstones need to be redone, too, to allow more than one usage in combat. Give them a 2 minute timer, even 3 minute timer. Same with pots, too. All pots should have a 3 minute timer on them.


Every once in a while I look back at retail, wondering if I should come play some of my favorite aff lock again.

Every time I look, they are at best, good at one of three parts of the game.

Usually they are borderline unplayable in 2/3.

Currently they are borderline unplayable in 3/3 forms of gameplay.

Been like this mostly since BFA. That’s, what, 3 years of affliction having no place in PvP, M+ And only one patch in BFA for raids.

What the hell is happening at blizzard?

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As a demo main:

Bourne of Blood: Hope we keep it. Won’t cry about it if not, but the extra-demon bolts are nice sometimes.

Tier Set: Hope we keep it somehow. The extra dreadstalker and the malicious imps are cool. But this has more to do with how demo interacts with borrowed power.

Nether Portal: Make it summon demons based on soul shards spent.

Inner Demons: Change to having a X% chance to summon extra demons every time we spend soul shards. More consistent extra demons would do wonders for our summoner fantasy. Maybe bake it into our mastery.

Other than that, I hope the talent revamp is interesting for us, as it appears based on previous borrowed powers. For me, demos interaction with borrowed power is either 100% percent necessary to make our spec feel complete (Baleful Invocation) or just 1% damage increases that do not interact with the spec in interesting ways. In Shadowlands, the tier set (and Wilfred’s I suppose) is pretty much the only power that actually visually interacts with out spec.

Other than that, demo feels solid to play even without borrowed power.


New demons models that’s my hope.

I remember someone back then mentioned something about inner demons maybe playing a role into our mastery.

I’m not sure how the mechanics would play but that would be something that would add something unique to our mastery instead of just adds damage to our demons.

And yes please less reliance on haste, or w.e they can do to the baseline of the spec. I’m tired of having to wait or use some additional power (borne of blood, 2 tier dogs/ tyrant conduit) so our rotation feels smoother.


i wonder if theyll kill DCon or do the int based rework of it - i feel like its almost just tooooooo good. you either baseline it - which is a whole other discussion - or you outright kill it and apply its power somewhere else. i think you kill nether portal or rework it entirely, or turn it maybe into another dark soul variant?

maybe tyrant goes to 2minutes and inherits some sort of DCon scaling and then we get a dark soul mastery amp? its boring, but its doable.


Well it just feels like with how it currently works is going to be in the eternal adjustments needed department. But then again it seems like everything gets some sort adjustment in at least every patch.

So maybe they can build the other talents up in that row.

My other hope is for demonology that with the new talent system we get a more accessibility for different demon trees since it looked like it had different broken down paths.

Not just the felgaluard but others as well besides the new demon models.

Now would probably be the best time for Baasamel, I hope I’m saying his name right (If not, sorry in advance) to make that hard push on his content he gathered up.


im sure Baal will pop up soon, hes hibernating and yelling at lore people right now id imagine

Affliction: Simply remove rapture. That one spell prevents the spec from actually having meaningful dot damage. Just make UA cost shards again and be stackable.


Affliction-bring the rot back, make dots do meaningful damage. Bring back soul swap. Siphon life built into corruption RC as a soul shard spender or some type of spender that increases dot dmg.


I agree on the removal of Malefic tickle.
But why not just remove this dumb shard spending system.

Just make UA actually hurt, it has a cast time and its locked away to one target. Meanwhile, agony its our top dps dot =/.


I’d like aff to go back to a constant pressure rot spec. I dislike the bursty playstyle.

Please can we get our demon summoning time reduced! At least we have the conduit to help reduce the cd on the instant cast which helps somewhat. But with the current ethos of various skips and needing to dismiss then re-summon our demons for some skips makes the long cast time punishing.

I really liked in BFA being able to swap demons for the imp dispell if a pack of boss didn’t need the interrupt then switching back to fel pup for the next pack that needed the other or interrupt.

Especially when so much utility is tied to our pets. Like seduce for cc, purge, dispell, interrupt, let alone being able to quickly summon voidwalker to quickly save a pull if the tank goes down and we don’t have a bres.