Warlock set look

Yeah worgen head pieces most of the time look a goofy or just off.

The current way they’re designed doesn’t work for worgen head sections.

I like S3 tier set looks. But they kinda all have that some same warlock tier set appearance they been doing for years.

Though id take this over what some of the other specs got.

First, a link at least to someplace we can take a look at the tier sets would be nice in the main post. Im sure each one of these mog votes will have to rely on someone in the comments linking the wowhead tierset page. So thank you Darkcinders!

Second, Season 1 always looked like rabbit ears to me, so as soon as I got my piece I mogged away from it. I would be ok with Season 3 if it had the shoulders from Season 2. Feels more practical. Like walking through doors and all. This vote will be tough to choose.

Really liking Season 2 the best.

voting s2 because is the best option imo, it looks more warlock-themed than the other two and s3 is just ugly tbh.

All the warlock tier designed the past few expansions have been incredibly lazy, the robes are all way too similar

I wish we could use old set like the Malefic raiment.

I didn’t even know that this was a thing, but I appreciate the community involvement. Good on you, Blizzard and pals.

wild, the first set doesn’t look even look like a warlock, I liked S2 and loved S3 the best, it looked like it came out of antorus or maybe torghast even… when will blizz bring great sets again?