Warlock quest help; [An Imp's Request]


My main purpose for this post is wanting to obtain [Soul Harvester].

I know its just ok but it’s iconic and something I want for my collection. This reward starts from the questline ‘‘An Imp’s Request’’.

I remember at one point I definitely had this quest however I abandoned it as I needed room for other quests while I leveled. Now that I am 60 it has been on my list of warlock things to do however I can’t find it. I’ve gone to Zevrost in UC and Kaal Soulreaper in Org but they do not have the quest. This quest requires the player to take 1 piece of felcloth to Impsey in Felwood. I’m not sure if I did this quest or not however if I had it should have the next quest ‘‘The Wrong Stuff’’ from Impsy available for me, which I don’t

So at this point I’m confused and out of options. The characters in UC and Org that would start the quest have nothing for me and Impsey and Nimbly in felwood don’t have any quest either. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading.

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There are some quests in classic that if you fail or abandon you’re unable to obtain again, although I don’t think its the case for this one, keep that in mind as others reply.

Isn’t this being added in the BWL patch? I don’t think it’s currently live.

That’s very possible, however the final quest in this chain is ‘‘Trolls of a feather’’ which requires going into Sunken Temple and defeating the various bosses.

I have no idea when this quest was patched into the game tho

Source: WoW Classic Content Unlock February 12
So save the date, OP. February 12 you can start on your quest to get the scythe weapon of your dreams!

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Not in yet. It’s one of the Sunken Temple class quest lines that will be added next phase.

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That’s awesome. I’m gonna be turning so many heads at the next raid night.

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