Warlock or Hunter

Hello Warlocks, I am looking for some input and personal opinions. I currently main a hunter but I am very intrigued with Warlocks and want to know if it’s worth going to the dark side?

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Since you’re asking for opinions in the most biased place possible…

Yes. Warlock is the best class in the game.


They’re definitely worth checking out. While Warlock’s do get “adjusted” from time to time, the lore behind the class is fantastic and has some of the best mogs in the game.


Warlock is the only class that lured me away from my hunter recently.

Just be warned…

If you’re used to that sweet hunter mobility, warlocks ‘immobile turret’ playstyle might be a bit off-putting at first.

Here’s what sucked me in.

Destro has Chaos Bolt, the most satisfying resource spender in the game. It has this ominous, impending doom sound as it approaches your target. Then, it makes this satisfying crunchy explosion noise as it hits. Crits 100% of the time and hits hard.

Combine this with fear, gateways, healthstones, solid pets, the coolest class mount, mogs and lore…

Warlocks are truly top tier. Go level one!


both pet classes in a sense.
But the pets have different niches.
Imp - ranged turret
Felhunter - melee and interrupt
Voidwalker - Tank. / shield
Succubus - CC
Felguard - melee burst dps
Infernal - aoe burst CD

But then you can go full Demonolgy and theres imps galore, Vilefiends, hellbats, dreadstalkers, a second felguard, and A Big Boi Demonic Tyrant.

Plus like hunter all three specs are wildly different.

Hunters and Locks are both phenomenal.

I played hunter as well. once I tried warlock, I haven’t touched my hunter. I feel warlocks are exactly like hunters but are more gothic and at times more powerful depending on, if your opponent is equal to you.