Warlock mounts what?


uhhhhhh i know its just a test but what the hell locks dont get mounts? you guys all there?


They do…

Staysafe won’t stay off his.


well horde dont get theirs so they obviously didint think this through


You were right “Its a bug”. You also probably should have been more descriptive to say “On the AV test”.


wtf else would i be talking about?


Alliance hunters dont have mounts??? what? more explanation plox?

(Crispercake) #8

some of the templates arn’t 100% done correctly


Is it Undead that don’t have a mount? Snutz has a mount as an Orc Warlock.


snutz does not have a mount


The premade Horde Warlocks don’t have the L40 Felsteed. I wonder if they can go buy it.


Perhaps, but they should have at least a race mount. Orc Warlocks do, anyway. Could be a template issue if each race/class combo has its own template.


Warlock mounts what?

If he’s got game, his Succubus.


we can get the quest but we cant leave org


Undead locks also do not get infernal summon


is this a joke post lol? i can’t tell, but warlocks do get mounts. the summon under demonology. they don’t get a physical mount in their backpack for the beta


I’ts just a badly phrased statement. There’s an issue with Horde Warlocks and Alliance Hunters not having mounts for premade characters.