Warlock, Mage Or Spriest?

If you want to play an spriest, don’t let some negative comments stop you. You could form groups yourself. Most people will expect you to heal if they invite you to a group, as priests are the de facto healers, but if you start groups yourself and join a guild with the intent on raiding as shadow, you shouldn’t have many problems. And as people have already said, spriests are quite feared in pvp.

I played a Spriest in Vanilla, I have so many fond memories. I was ona PvP server and that was a lot of fun. I never had an issue raiding as shadow, i simply found a guild that was cool with it and werent elitist d-bags. This time around ill be rolling on a PvE server (im older now and my competitive PvP desires have faded. My advice, play what you want and dont listen to others telling you how to play the game you pay for

Spriest is fun in pvp. 1 on 1 it does really well.
In PVE expect to heal 90% of the time. It is truthfully a fun meme spec.
It does not level quickly. But given all the above it is fun.

Lock is great utility, tier 1 leveler, Great money maker with DM runs, does well and you have choices to be practically unkillable and make them kill you twice… or do really good damage, but in the end you are a support class.
Your lack of a aggro drop = you cant go ballz in pve. Don’t expect to be top damage dealer. great bag of tricks
They are gear dependent in both pvp and pve

Mage is great dps, great utility, great money maker, great control. Tier 2 levelers. Made of tissue paper. BM Hunters always gave me fits as a mage. There will be a bunch of them. Don’t expect to AOE level unless its in an instance. Less gear dependent when leveling. Boring in PVE.

If you don’t mind healing in raids shadow is amazing in pvp.

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Play elemental shaman, ooops… no shaman for the blues.
Ya will need ta become red mon. For the Horde.

Mage if you only care about dps / cc

Lock if you really want to put the time in to learn, high skill ceiling high reward

Spriest if you want to melt faces until oom, but have to heal in pve

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Mage > warlock > sp

Always was, always will be.

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This isn’t true. Spriests get their one raid slot. Sure, Mages and Locks will be invited way more, but if you’re a good, dedicated spriest raider that one slot is yours.

There is no 1 raid slot until much later in the games lifespan when warlocks actually start doing decent damage. You dont need a shadowpriest for much of anything before that.

It is still in the best interest of any guild to gear up that one raid slot throughout the life cycle of raiding. Sure, any GM/raid leader of a more hardcore guild will ask the spriest to heal until later raiding when warlocks really shine.

However, it’s just simply false to say that priests always have to heal in pve.

I agree. Since I plan to play ret. But wouldn’t recommend it to another simply because the crap you will have to deal with just to be given a shot

It’s true. It’s an uphill climb. You have to put in a lot more effort to not be a burden.

I raided all the way through Vanilla with a spriest. People at first majorly complained that a spriest was given a main raiding slot. Mid-way through he started actually outdpsing the mages. Nobody knows how he did this, but he did. He was just a really damn good player and always prepared.


A shadow priest never outdps’d your mages. It isnt mathematically even possible.


Unless it’s a raid, in alot of dungeon groups, priests are often offered shadow/caster gear to come to the dungeon to heal for them. Unless you are playing on the most populated servers, getting tanks/healers for dungeon groups can be a chore and you are often fighting with other ‘LF2M,tank+healer’ groups for members.

A very typical whisper that priests get:
Group Leader: Hey, want to come heal {Insert dungeon} for us?
Priest: Sorry, nothing I want there except caster gear.
{after a short while}
Group Leader: Our caster in the group don’t mind you rolling for caster gear
or just
Group Leader: Sure.


If you want to be a Shadow Priest be one. You may have to heal dungeons, but if you are up front about what gear you are after the people who are not cool with it will just find another group. Do not keep what gear you are after a secret because you will be seen as a ninja. As a Priest people will send tells all the time for heals, you can respond sure Ill heal but only if you are okay with me rolling on this piece of gear.

We had one SPriest raid with us for shadow weaving and not being elitists we just let him be full Shadow. You can make it work if you want. Mana will be a real issue in sustained pvp and dungeons/raids.

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This is very true every priest on the server is going to get tells at cap about healing unless they are utter garbage. Healing priest was my main and I raided with her up til end of Naxx and switched to mage. They will take you and let you roll otherwise they might not get to go at all or for hours and if you roll a priest first and get known as one you will forever be asked to get on that character vs what character you are maining lol

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Only priest can necro 2 month old corpses. Not doing that on a warlock or mage!

Spriest is considered an incredibly strong and consistent leveler…

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i will start with a warlock as well i played one in the vanilla wow its different now they might not be the highest dps like a mage but remember they have demons that can act like a tank as well and they can summon others to their side if you are in a group with two others also create soul stones my second will be a mage or a shaman restore witch i did play in vanilla wow as well

never reach max with mage but with warlock ,shaman and war was my first .I did play a hunter not max though vanilla loved playing it but i do not play wow anymore do not like to new content as much as vanilla wow