Warlock looking for raiding guild

I am an older player who has years of raiding experience and a little mythic experience. i have no desire to step back into super hardcore progression again. (Like doing 20-30 wipes every night on the same boss.)

I have full confidence in my abilities but am currently not geared due to RL issues keeping me from the game until now. will be fixing that this weekend.

Mostly looking for a casual guild that takes their play time seriously and wants to do well instead of screwing around and failing for lol’s. i want to get in, do well, and have fun chatting while we do it.

Hit me up on here or in game if your interested and we will chat.

Omnidirectional is a new raiding guild looking for all roles to help take on the new raid. We raid Tues/Thur/Sun 7-10 PM EST. We are a chill group of people, and all we ask of you is that you know the mechanics. We take our play time together very serious and we understand that RL comes first so theres no attendance policy! I know we’re small right now but we’re looking to expand quick and get a team together for normal and heroic BoD. Add me on Bnet if you would like to talk more or are interested. Gintoo#1437

We’re just a bunch of laid back adults that enjoy playing a video game. Most of us are old school raiders that have done the hard core raid scene and no longer have the time or desire to push end-game mythic content.

If you’re looking for hardcore mythic progression, stop reading now. If you’re looking for a social environment and a guild that will always complete heroic content and enjoys pushing keys, we may be the place for you.


We provide flasks, food, pots whenever possible during progression raids. In return, we ask our members to know how to play their chosen class competently, and to come prepared mentally for raids. That means knowing the encounters and not standing in fire. Our raid schedule:

Tues: 8:30 pm EST - 10:30 pm EST
Sun: 8:30 pm PST - 10:30 pm EST

Positions of Need:

We have a solid roster of 15+ people, but most of us are professionals with families and careers. Things come up and sometimes people need to take a break from the game. We’re looking for a few more DPS to top us off.


To be respectful of other guild members. You can expect some R rated content to be said/written.


If you’re interested in joining, feel free to contact any of the people below.


Hey Nazlock, we’re an older group of players as well and are an AOTC focused guild - we only raid two days a week on Monday and Wednesday from 8pm CST tp 11pm CST. We are currently 5/9 N in BoD. Check us out!

If you are interested and can make the times my group runs wens thurs from 7:30 to 10:30 pm server time. We are a mix of early 20s to early 40s searching for some more dps to fill us out. We currently have 1 warlock, so getting a second is high on our recruitment needs. We are working on N clear then we will be moving into H for Aotc. We are focused on AOTC but may step into some casual mythic if the team feels confident in doing so. If you have any questions or want to join up my battle tag is Memoryfoam#11291

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