Warlock LF Heroic/Mythic team willing to xfer asap

203 warlock lf heroic/mythic raid team.

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Hey Elohim, We are really looking for a warloock if you’d like to talk. Currently 10/10 N, 4/10 H and plan to progress on through mythic to CE. Let me know if you’re interested, info is posted below.

< Arduous > is a reformed guild led by a mix of current 12/12M cutting edge, high mythic+ players and returning players looking to achieve CE throughout Shadowlands.
Our raid times are Tues/Thurs. 7-10 PST.
Because we only raid for two nights each week, we expect our raiders to come prepared each night and ready to perform at a high level. We place a strong emphasis on the ability to improve every week, and expect our raiders to dig through logs and figure out how best to play their class and spec.
Ideal fit for players looking for a laid-back atmosphere, but who know how to roll up their sleeves when its time to get a kill or progress in a fight.

If interested add Btag Goldenbear#1583, or reach out in game @ Goldnbear-Tichondrius.

added you btag name is abe

Hey Elohim,

We are looking for a warlock for our Friday/Saturday team. The guild is Arcane Fury on Thrall, we raid at 9pm eastern until 11-ish depending on if we are close to a kill or not. Team goal is to get AOTC and move into mythic prog, we have a relaxed atmosphere and focus up when it’s time to kill bosses.

Guild size is decent, most nights between 30 and 50 folk online and we love doing keys so plenty of groups going round.

If you’re interested my bnet is yabigchoob#1206


Greetings nerd, I am Tenero and I have decided to form a new raiding guild on Turalyon [H]. I am a long time WoW raider, with guild leading experience, and many cutting edges throughout the years. This raiding guild has two purposes. To obtain Cutting Edge every tier, and to form a fun and supportive community.

Our raid times will be Sat/Sun 7-10:30pm EST. Because of our limited raid time, that means our efforts have to be concentrated on efficiency. I will expect raiders to be prepared for raid, know the fights, and be positive during raids. All our efforts will be put towards maintaining an effective environment, so egos will need to be put aside for the greater good. I plan to hold every raider to the same high standard.

We are currently in need of any good players. We will be raiding the first weekend of the raid tier, and will start forming our roster.

This is the perfect opportunity to get in on the ground level of a future cutting edge weekend guild.

If you are interested, please contact us, but please fill out this quick application before you contact us!
https:// docs.google .com/forms/d/1kG8BH1go_6cz3qWPkAnx6Ucy9FK2BWk_tT6DlbvjVaM/edit

Contact us at:
battlenet - jrhoades#1105

DIscord - slick#7458

Hey Elohim,

We’re looking to fill in the final openings for our raid team for Castle Nathria. Our goal is to hit AOTC each patch and push into Mythic, CE is a strong possibility but not a requirement.

After our first ever guild raid week we’re 6/10N and getting close on Council. We expect to clear all of Normal this week and push into Heroic with the remaining raid on Monday.

The backbone of the guild is a core group of players who have extensive experience in the game. We’ve experienced server firsts and obtained gladiator in previous seasons and expansions, but personal life commitments prevent us from no-lifing the game full time. We still plan on experiencing the content the game has to offer, just at a pace our schedule allows. We’re looking for people who are committed and team players.

Raid Times:

  • Monday - 10PM - 1AM EST(7PM-10PM PST)
  • Wednesday - 10PM - 1AM EST(7PM-10PM PST)

Recruitment Needs

We are recruiting dps for raid spots at this time. However, If you are an exceptional player please do not hesitate to reach out regardless of your class or spec.

We are also willing to accept casual members looking for a place to enjoy their game time in Shadowlands.

Please contact either of the below to discuss our openings:

Tacobucket#11442 - BNET
Ginobli#1260 - Discord

Burtron#1991 - BNET

[The Unnamed] is a 5/10 H 10/10 N guild on Darkspear that has just returned from taking a break during MoP. The guild has existed since the end of BC, and a majority of the core players have raided together for 8+ years. We are currently recruiting for M+ and Heroic raiding and plan to do Mythic raiding when our roster is full. Must be exceptionally good at interrupts.

Raid schedule:

Tuesday - 7pm-11pm (EST)

Thursday - 7pm-11pm (EST)

Sunday - 7pm-11pm (EST)

M+ Pushing will occur on weekends and Mondays. .

We are also considering an optional night for alts / gear catch up and M+ organization.

Recruitment Needs:

We are currently recruiting an off tank, preferably a Prot Paly or guardian druid. We are also looking for rdps, especially a hunter, lock, and a mage. In terms of melee dps, we are only looking for a demon hunter and/or a rogue (must have exceptional logs because we are already melee heavy). At this time, we are recruiting a disc priest and a holy paly for our mythic healer core.

If you’re interested, hit up one of the following people in-game or via Discord:

Shatter - Co-leader and Recruitment (Btag- Shatter#11632 Discord- shatter#4319)

Shatter - Recruitment (Btag- Shatter#11632 Discord- shatter#4319)

Potential recruits will need to take part in a discord interview. Please have logs from current content (If you do not have logs, please be willing to explain your class in-depth in the discord interview).

We hope to hear from you soon!

Hello my name is
Murasama - Bleeding Hollow currently I am 204 item level Fury Warrior. I am looking for a mythic raider core progress position for Shadowlands.

In BFA, I previously raided with a mythic guild for 8 months. We have cleared all of Heroics Nyalotha and 9/12 Mythics Nyalotha. I have also completed all 20+ keys for all dungeons in BFA.

In Shadowlands, I have cleared 10/10 N and 5/10 H Castle

I am truly loyal to a guild that does treat me the same. I also run as protection to tank mythic keys for the guild. I am willing to steadily improve and learn if given the chance.

Murasama - Bleeding Hollow
Fury Warrior

Looking For:
-Preferably 2 Days. 3 May be an option. Somewhere between 6PM-11PM EST.
-Long Term Home.


Experience/Other Notables:
-Near Perfect Attendance.
-90%+ Parsing.

BTAG: murasama#1563

Hey there! Not sure if you’re still looking but if on the slight chance you are my guilds looking to add a Warlock to the roster for Mythic prog!

We’re a semi-hardcore guild on Alliance Turalyon that raids Tues/Weds from 8-11 pm EST with an optional alt night on Saturdays. While we aren’t a hardcore CE guild we like to have a chill relaxed raid environment while getting serious for the bosses that need it, as of right now we are 10/10N and 6/10H.

If the days/times/Alliance is all okay please put in a small app on our guild site to get in contact and if not then good luck on your search!

Guild Site: http://www.cnguild.org/
WowProg: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Chaotic+Neutral
Forum Post: [A] <Chaotic Neutral> Recruiting for Shadowlands!

Sent in an app. any chance your looking for a hunter too? got a buddy who is interested.

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I’ll let the Gm and Officers know but we don’t have a lot of open spots available and are really just in need of a Warlock however if you want to give your friend the site link he’s always free to put in an app as well and we can see if we can fit him in :slightly_smiling_face:.

We have your app too just the Gm is currently offline.

We would be interested in speaking with you as we have a spot for an very good lock.

Seraphic is a Horde guild on the Realm Area 52, our focus is mythic progression and mythic +. The guild is being formed from a group of friends, several with multiple CE achievements and the rest with high level mythic progression. We’re wanting a chill yet serious environment where players can enjoy the time they have to play the game, but still progress at a fair or quicker pace through the high end PvE content. We raid 8pm to 11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Current Needs:

Tanks - Protection Paladin, Guardian Druid
Healers - Holy Paladin, Holy Priest
Melee DPS- Windwalker Monk, Warrior, Feral Druid
Ranged DPS - Boomkin Druid, Mage, Shadow Priest, Warlock

If you believe you are exceptional at your class and can outperform one of our raiders apply today, we will give you the opportunity to show it.

Below is a list of our general goals and ambitions

  • Be fairly geared throughout the expansion.
  • Clear Heroic within first or second week of tier release.
  • Complete +15 M+ keys once a week minimum.
  • To build a community of players that are online around the clock.
  • Preferably a friendly environment.
  • By the end of Shadowlands, we want to be CE in more than one raid tier.

If interested, reply to this post with battletag or Discord information.

Feel free to add one of our officers on Discord for a faster response:

Froggy - Guild Master - Discord vmsfroggy#4819 - Bnet vmsfroggy#1886
Isaac - Raid Leader - Discord (Stink)#7494 - Bnet Stink#11325
Shankspec - Recruiter - Discord Shankspec#8004 - Bnet mynucka1788#1532