Warlock destruction need some serious nerf in 8.2


I never saw a class one shooting people in the history of WOW untill now i saw warlock destructions.
Extremely op, with many defensive even stunned you have a 250% barrier… that’s absolutely not fair.

(Zalgo) #2

plays demon hunter

1350 achievement points


I play only PVP, i never touched any PVE content.
And warlock are overpowered.

(Ojoverde) #4

Reporting the post as trolling.


The funny part only warlock on this topic, you guys won’t one shoot for long time a nerf will be incoming one day :wink:

(Drezwazluz) #8

There’s no need for a nerf. You’ve given no data but you got blown up in pvp. Get over it.


That’s bullshot. You obviously know shot about playing lock. Or you would know that they have 0 mobility. Shot for armor. What’s the problem? Every class or player besides you should have no abilities? Fire mage needs work. When a noob can click and back pedal and do damage it’s broke.


In fact, does anyone who’s not a noob clicker even play fire mage? Or do all new level boosts automatically make fire mage?

(Zóren) #13

I don’t mind their “one-shot”. It’s only when Dark Soul and Infernals are up.

Instead we should be talking about gpy. The fact that you can spam it AND blink while casting it. Disgusting.


Whatever. Destro is powerful every three minutes for thirty seconds. The rest of the time they’re throwing matches at you. Also eat the fear and use defensive. Save your interrupt for chaos bolt and it locks them out of all their offensive spells. They can fear or drain life and you just broke their burst phase. Now they’re dying and throwing matches at you. Destro is easy to shut down, especially as a D-H.

(Lacryma) #15

I play only PVP, i never touched any PVE content.

And people wonder why I fundamentally despise PVP, pray for faction merges; and rejoice that the PVP realms are gone. It’s because you get people like this who can’t play properly, get rolled by someone and then rush to the forums; clamoring for nerfs while ignoring the fact that the reason for their loss wasn’t balance. It was the human behind the keyboard.

And you know who suffers for it? Most of the time it is the PVE’ers who play the game that get benched for raids or screwed in the balance department. Warlocks are not overpowered for the record, though I am sure one Night Elf (formerly Blood Elf) crying foul about it will likely result in a 20% nerf across the board to Destro, and 15% for Affliction and Demo. (I guess I should count my blessings. It would be 33% for all specs if it was a Frost Mage crying foul).

(Varsity) #16

youre new to the game, arent you squidward