Warlock destruction need some serious nerf in 8.2


I never saw a class one shooting people in the history of WOW untill now i saw warlock destructions.
Extremely op, with many defensive even stunned you have a 250% barrier… that’s absolutely not fair.

(Zalgo) #2

plays demon hunter

1350 achievement points


I play only PVP, i never touched any PVE content.
And warlock are overpowered.

(Ojoverde) #4

Reporting the post as trolling.


The funny part only warlock on this topic, you guys won’t one shoot for long time a nerf will be incoming one day :wink:

(Drezwazluz) #8

There’s no need for a nerf. You’ve given no data but you got blown up in pvp. Get over it.