Warlock Customization: Stables for Demons/Aberrations

Any updates on warlock changes and indications of hope?

Have had back to back exams and have fought with too many Wowhead people on Twitter so I don’t check Wowhead anymore if I can avoid it lol


Nothing that I’ve seen yet unfortunately.

I still have hopes for this in the future. We warlocks deserve more options at the very least.

They could maybe at least start with letting the glyphs for our succubus affect the incubus model.


I’ve also not seen anything in regards to this. Cross-faction play, additional race/class combos, account-wide stuff, customizeable dragon, etc, but no word on allowing more demons for Warlocks…

It doesn’t hurt your experience, let other people suggest ways to enjoy their own class how they want, especially since more demon customization does not HURT you or hinder you in any way.


Hope we get some attention


I haven’t created a stupid gif for this thread in along time. Here ya go!


I would really enjoy something akin to the stable system, but I doubt we’ll see something like that, at least in the near future. There’s no reason to not let us have some more glyphs though. Or some other pets, even. For real, a fel lord instead of a felguard would make me feel so much more powerful than I feel right now as a demonology warlock. I’d say at the very least we could have some other demon instead of felguard when using the grimoire felguard spell. Some diversity would be nice


I think its time they considered giving us stables.

Though I had a thought.

With DF we’ll have the ability to edit and modify a drake. What if they allowed that ability for warlocks but for our demons?

Unlock different looks by going out and using enslave demon on various models to unlock the skin or complete certain quests and objectives to unlock them?

Would be an invigorating concept to be sure!


Decking out my wrathguard in the fel-version of the paladin set from back in WoD to drive home he’s a demon-fied eredar from argus

We should be given a place to negotiate with demons to get those of different colors and what not.

But not pokemon, that’s not what demons are.

Even customize their armor and weapon.

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I still think we should be able to just use Subjugate to replace a demon in our lineup. Maybe you have to get them to a grimoire to finalize it, or something. Anything to get more options.


I’m not even being picky about this, I just want some options. Almost anything the devs could throw at me regarding that would be well received. I just feel so tired to have my expectations utterly destroyed it almost hurts me every time a new expansion gets announced


Oooh, just seen this thread. You have my :100: support. Warlock Stables


Best one so far xD

I hope we get some cool options with our new talent tree at least


I am curious to see what the new warlock talent trees will look like, and what changes (if any) may be coming to warlock pet customization. There was a Blizzard post on hunter pet philosophy today, and at the very end they mentioned other pet classes:

We realize pets are an important piece of your identity as a Hunter, Warlock, and Death Knight (and Mages too?). There are ongoing efforts to improve pets, add new pets, and make cool things for pets and pet classes.

This gives me some hope for stables or at least other ways that could improve warlock pet customization.


I like the Incubus… now if a Warlock could summon an Incubus and a Succubus at the same time! Oh the fun! Mmm… <whip!>


I read that, too, and I was coming here to mention exactly that section. We need to be seen, now more than ever, since the topic appears to be underway again.


Wow kudos on the effort.

I see you wanted to be able to enslave Soggoth the Slitherer faceless one though…that isnt a demon technically is it and is more a product of the Old Gods? I guess Voidwalker is too so …hmmmm.

I agree about the demonic language being readded. Given the class it completely makes sense…

More customization of existing demons would be nice. Instead of glyphs to change the appearance of the succubus…make those summonable imo verse Shivarra. I mean change succubus wings or change the felguards appearance to purple and green or something idk. Fell rips and tears in its body…whatever.

Id like to walk around with an Infernal personally. Or a doomguard that doesnt require me to have a 5 man group to summon it.

I don’t like the weapon in your backpack idea. Its clutter and Ill end up accidentally vendoring anyway. As crazy as it sounds…make it transmogable for your demon.

The Hunter Stable concept is interesting but I think hunters have substantially more options in family and recolor options so adding more unique demons would be nice too. As far as the stables concept goes, those are fairly common for hunters so thematically, what would that stable look like? I would suggest your Class Hall has this but I think with the current layout you would need to make a new space with them being controlled or something Idk, until you choose to bring them with you.

I think with the hunter idea its cool thematically but with hunter you have to go back. As a Warlock you want a demon so you just summon it. Done. Hunter always has to go back as far as I know if it isnt in one of the slots. Idk how many hunters swap pets around but there is a TON of room in the Stables so I like to populate it notably.

Any tameable pet thats questionably a demon should be reconsidered flagged as a demon and not beast possibly. That might already be the case idk.

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I wouldn’t want to get too carried away with this as taming is the realm of Hunters but more options to supplement out the existing models for other ones would be great for those classes.

Not sure I agree with the mage one as much but Shaman yes. Lightning elemental would be cool. They always fill a niche role like Earth one is a tank…why cant they dps too or something. Fire is always dps. Water elemental for resto could be interesting or baseline as a heal for all specs. Plenty of room to play around with stuff.

DK…Id use an abomination permanently but other options might be kind of cool just not as a tamable thing.

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Nah. Demons can shrink down and hide in a Warlock’s nooks and crannies.