Warlock Customization: Stables for Demons/Aberrations

Awesome <3
I get some of them in the map, love the Dreadlady

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I think you need to rewatch the original cinematic, and pay close attention to how the warlock interacts with ‘life’.

Draining the life from your enemies to redirect to your allies would be cool

like a mix between the Resto Druid DOT style healing + Disc Priest damage healing

but spooky


They redirect life force into themselves.

No reason they couldn’t send it to another.

Just here to check on the mouth breathing…?

10.0 Announcement in April, my dudes. Time to rise this topic again :smiley:



Please Blizzard, let us e̶n̶s̶l̶a̶v̶e̶ subjugate wild demons!


for the context.


I just saw this cool concept for customizable voidwalkers by Fishbones06 on Reddit (here). The same person also made glyph customization concepts for all the classes, including warlocks (here). I copied two of the warlock images below, but there are an additional four images showing glyphs to customize different models and colors of demons that already exist in game.

Edit: Dang, it looks like the image of the voidwalker concept doesn’t show up in the forum, maybe because it’s a gif. You can see it here: https://preview.redd.it/4flv08ot0in81.gif?format=mp4&s=93ee3815796c7b9dab58fb90e7f2fdfaa325bf07.


I’d happily double my sub if this was implemented


Yes please the more options the better. And granted by this point our class should be able to subjugate pretty much any demon at this point.

Our rosters of demons should have grown by the legion expansion. Especially with the myriad of models they introduced.l


Also going to be extremely irritated if next expansion hunters are able to tame higher end dragons (which let’s face it all classes should have more flavors like this being update every expansion) and warlock are still there twiddling our thumbs with the very 1st demons since TBC.


I don’t think dragon taming will happen as they are all sentient creatures.

Well I don’t understand how undead beast are tamed by hunters since I was under the impressions controlling undead was a DK thing (guessing it only applies to humanoids or something of the sort) but somehow that happened.

I like how you use lore in your post, but there is a few holes.

The demons who work for us now are under contract, even if we did quarrel with them before.

The reasoning is because enslaved or subjugated demons are less powerful than willing demons.

So I am not a fan of the pokemon scenario.

If there was some neat lore thing where we could negotiate demons and get them to join us I would totally be on board.

I made a post in the warlock forums about how there are so many felguard colors we cant use and I was suggesting a barber shop option.

Thing with felguards and wrathguards is that they respect power, the lore for wrathguard is actually summoning them with less sigils for the casters protection which the wrathguard sees as a sign of strength.

And we need new voicelines for the felguard, we hear him talk and converse with thal kiel in legion and it was so cool.

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Not all demons use a contract in the lore as I specified in my post, you are incorrect

Review the felpuppy lore

This has no basis in the lore, you are incorrect again

Contracts are a basis of sentience

They talk about enslaving demons give less power than willing cooperation in the warlock order hall in quests for the demonology artifact.

And yeah, you cant make a contract with fel puppy, but you can with the jelly fish demons who were originally the upgrade for fel dog.

Before just saying I am wrong maybe question me?

Don’t really like talking to someone who just shoots me down, not really good for conversation, and I am a warlock and lore nerd who owns lore books.

I am not trying to be your enemy, cool your jets.

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Undead beasts still act like animals, undead bears will still hunt for honey despite the fact they can no longer get substance from it.

They seemingly still follow animal instincts even when it no longer helps them.

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I’m curious to see the new warlock talent tree, It would be a goot time to give us new demon options there :slight_smile:


I really hope they let warlocks have more demon options. There are so many.