Warhammer Online has more players than WoW

I don’t know why the official version died out

uh, it died out because it was unpopular. the private server version of the game you’re talking about has like 700 people who play at peak times. so… idk if you’re just spamming or what.

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Depending on who you talk to it died

  • due to lack of content after lvl20
  • due to broken, imbalanced race/class

That’s the 2 big ones I know of.

The official version also required a subscription if I remember right. I don’t remember it ever going free to play but I could be wrong. It also came out when WoW was at peak popularity.

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It died for two reasons.

  1. The license agreement with Games Workshop came to a end.

  2. The game lost players quickly dropping down to a reported
    80k players before it shut down.

Mythic was working on a free to play version. But it was canceled
when the agreement came to a end.

I mean I imagine there is some minor interest in playing a game that can no longer be officially accessed. Maybe if Rift officially closes someone will make a private server that picks up like 1k players. Maybe it could finally get some of the class rebalancing it needs.

Earlier WoW expansions are a more extreme example of this. We do now have classic wow but those private servers were around for over a decade.

Maybe 20 years from now WoW will close down and there will be thousands of people on private servers for nostalgia sake. Assuming WoW declines after the next couple expansions.