Warfront sets

It’s time they either made the sets purchasable from the PvP vendor with marks of honour, or made it easy to solo farm warfronts.

I really want the set but am really frustrated I can’t even attempt to farm it.


Yes please

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Yep It’s been long enough.

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On a similar note…
I have a suggestion. I have MANY friends and family members that play (or have played) WoW. It is a unanimous consensus that having basically any transmog gear time gated is not good. To help put that into perspective, 31 individuals (including myself) people in agreeance. Their breadth of play varies substantially. My friends Robert, Tyler, Tyler, David, and Steven are hardcore PvP players (formerly), my friend James, his girlfriend Jess, Sondra (my ex), hardcore PvE raiders (formerly), all the way down to my Aunt Mary, my cousin Jerry, his wife Katheren, (and many others) whom play casually socializing and questing. Each and every person agrees that having transmog gear time gated is NOT good for the games sub numbers.

The solution that I see for this, which is very easy to implement, is implementing a token system that works like vicious saddles. Any time in a particular season if a player were to reach the required rating for PvP elite gear unlock give them a token instead that they can then use to purchase whatever pvp set they would like. It keeps it where there is still skill required to obtain the PvP set, so people won’t be upset that “anyone can get it” and it will allow people who were unable to play at the time to be able to get the things that they missed out on.

For instance there were several raids that I was able to take part in when they were current and I got full sets, it was REALLY difficult to do that at the time. Yet, the armors that I obtained for doing high end Raid content is not gated and people can go get any of the sets they want and solo it to get them. I really hope that this is something that will be done. I know it’s probably silly that I want this set that bad, but to me it’s probably the most awesome thing that has ever been made in the game period.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Yeah I have often thought that before to. Limited time armour sets for PvP are just a feels bad moment. The token idea is good, but I would have it work like Vicious Saddle in that there is a progress bar that only goes up after wins at 1800+. This would increase PvP participation which is something PvP has struggled with, and people who didn’t play the game at a certain time aren’t punished for not being able to obtain tmog from a previous expansion.

To people that claim that is a prestige thing, 1800 wasn’t THAT hard to get so I don’t think it shows much prestige and people who earned glad still have their mounts and titles.

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Absolute facts bro. That is exactly how I envision it. 2400 rating and immediate unlock OR 2k rating and build up bar.