Warfront Issue - Resources & Final Progression

(Varrow) #1

I’m not sure if this is the right forum, but I didn’t see a better place.

I have a thought on warfronts here that I think would help make them more enjoyable to play.

1. Resources and final steps
-This is the biggest thing honestly I think that hurts warfronts. Arathi needs to have mobs drop resources like Darkshore does. BOTH warfronts suck at the end either when you’re waiting for people to contribute resources to the final steps or while you afk for 5-10 minutes while the vehicles spam down the gate, or the 4 people in chimeras get to spam 1 for 5 minutes while you afk on the beach.

-In the RTS game the resource income is mostly passive. I understand resource management and gathering is crucial to RTS, but once you make the workers they just do it. Then you as the player decide how to spend the resources. The problem with warfronts is players are supposed to be the workers, and it doesn’t seem like anyone wants to do that in my experience and it just slows the whole thing down. Not very much fun. You either do the super boring work, or you afk at the end while someone else finally goes to do it.