Warcraft Short Story: “Terror by Torchlight”

Yes! Someone else had done the questline and I was just running down the road the first time I saw him. It was such a cool moment. Duskwood has the best spoops.

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It’s out and available on the 5th. I’d just keep an eye on your shipping notifications.




Awesome; thanks for the info. Can’t wait to read it!

Not bad! It was a fun little side-adventure, and development of minor characters is almost always a plus to me. Looking forward to more of their misadventures.

I also liked the quick nod towards our contributions in creating the torch and taking out Morbent Fel. Nice attention to detail there!

Yeah, that had me sweatin’, lol.


Go buy it from a store anyways. Amazon is the devil and is ruining the book industry.

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I was afraid the whole Flynn/Shaw thing was going to be forced, but it all felt very natural and well done.

I genuinely loved this story… it felt like a good old fashioned classic adventure tale. I’m really looking forward to the book!!


Thank you for another short story BlizzardEntertainment

dumb giddy giggles

Oh this is adorable


How dare somebody have an opinion huh?

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Please make the Lord/Lady of War title account wide.

Thank you,

They’re so cute together. Also this is a nice prologue to your Adventures in Azeroth you have the two go on.


Please keep giving us little tidbits like you did in this book about the current affairs of Azeroth and their townships. Darkshire still existing is pretty great to read.


That flynn-shaw relation is so unnecessary. Flynn seemed to like Taelia and that was cool to see during quests. But anyways, that’s just a story and they do whatever they like with their intellectual property.


And she wasn’t interested. So he clearly moved on.

Also I’ve had plenty of friends that were all in relationships but they still flirted with everyone in the friend group for giggles.


Its a lovely relationship, how anyone could see anything wrong with two lonely people finding a deep connection is beyond me. I mean, there is nothing kinky going on, y’know. It’s a lovely story and a great interaction between two neat characters and I would enjoy seeing more of the same.


You and me both…the quest-line with her and her father was one of my favorites in Vanilla, and when I thought they were going to kill her off in a short story for a second there I was livid lol


YES! I love FairShaw! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit: Just finished reading it. The ending was so adorable! Can’t wait for the new book!


but my amazon purchase still says nov 24th :confused:

Hold up… Amazon says it doesn’t come out until Nov 24…

I loved it! I wish it had been published in an ereader-friendly format (PDFs never convert well, especially with inserted pictures), but I took some time and did some editing to get it onto my kindle without errors.

Thank you for not brushing the relationship aside.

I just really hope that “dark wings” reference only refers to Anduin and not Flynn. Call me a cynic, but “Kill Your Gays” is a common trope for a reason.

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