Warcraft Movie Sequel Update (rumor's)

While the story forums here are meant to discuss Warcraft’s lore as it is represented in WoW, novels, and short stories, I thought we might take a break from those topics to discuss Warcraft in another form of media: The Big Screen.

As most probably don’t know, remember, or care, I am an avid supporter of Warcraft getting it’s own film universe and awhile back I made a google alert to…well… alert me if any news of a potential sequel came down the pipeline. The alert has been mostly quiet the past four years but a few days ago it went off with a series of new info coming from sources that are apparently trustworthy (they broke the news that Ben Affleck’s batman would appear in the Flash movie before it was officially announced, among other things).

So without further ado, here’s some rapid fire rumors:

New Warcraft movie is in the works and it’ll be a reboot.


Studio wants Chris Pratt in the lead (human) role.


They also want Peter Jackson to direct.


Personal thoughts: I’m not crazy about the Warcraft film universe being rebooted already after just one movie (especially since the last one didn’t have a definitive ending). But I also really want this film universe to be a thing, so maybe it won’t be so bad? Still sucks for the cast and crew of the last movie though.

The Chris Pratt / Peter Jackson news sounds like wishful thinking, but if they can land either one of them, then I think we just might be in good hands. Now if Jackson is on board, then the movie will almost certainly be human centric and if the studio is trying to lure an A-lister like Pratt to the franchise, it also almost certainly means they’re offering him a role that is of great importance to the entire franchise. At least that’s my thinking.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for indulging me. With that said, what does everyone think? Excited about Warcraft movie being, potentially, rebooted? Who do you think Pratt could play? Is Jackson the key to this franchise? Will a gnome make a cameo appearance?


I wish people would stop trying to make a wow movie happen.


rebooting your movie which is actually a reboot of the lore that was a reboot of a game


Ehh, Peter Jackson could probably pull it off. If it sucks I won’t watch it, if it’s good I’ll watch it. Idc either way.

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Peter Jackson, really? I’m … not sure he’s a good fit for Warcraft.

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There’s no need for a Warcraft Cinematic Universe

And honestly it would make more sense as an animated series with each game/expansion a season. Short episodes.


People would actually rather want movies as cgi cinematics.

But the life action stuff is so bad …


If I recall, the biggest reason that The Hobbit trilogy wasn’t so great was a lot of the same external pressures that Jones has talked about with his experience making Warcraft.

So I think I agree. Whatever his approach to an adaptation might be, and whether that’d work for Warcraft the way it did for LotR, we’d probably see a twisted, unbalanced, fiddled-with version of it rather than his true intended version.

The movie causes me physical pain.

Please, stop.

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Never. =/

They could always do that for other storylines. Star Wars has an animated series, tv series, and film franchise.

Jackson was brought in late for the Hobbit wasn’t he? So the movie was half his and half someone/something else. But I see your point about the pressure.


I think Peter Jackson would be a pretty good director for a Warcraft movie. That’d also mean that his special effects studio would be a part of the movie which means that it would have better CGI than the other movie and the differences between the actors wouldn’t be as noticeable. I don’t think I’d like Chris Pratt being the lead actor though. He’s too silly and I don’t see him fitting a serious enough role unless he were Flynn Fairweather or being a cameo as Leeroy Jenkins. Chris Pratt plays himself with every role he’s in.


Not going to lie, in all of my fantasy casting for the Warcraft Film Universe, Chris Pratt’s name has never come to mind. My first thought was he would play Turalyon (?) when I skimmed it and only read “WARCRAFT” “SEQUEL” “CHRIS PRATT”. After reading it thoroughly and seeing a reboot was in order and that Jackson was being considered, I came to the realization that the studio might just be thinking of doing an Arthas movie, with Pratt in the title role.

And I’m not sure how I feel about that or am overthinking this?


Am I the only one who liked the original movie? I wanted to see it made into a trilogy, with Doomhammers war in part 2, and ending with Thralls exodus to Durotar in part 3.

Lmao. Truer words, never spoken.


I liked the Warcraft movie we got.


Chris Pratt maybe could work depending on what the “lead human” actually is. Lothar would be a side-grade. Young Khadgar might work. And that’s just for the same time period as the first movie. Maybe they’re not going for the First War and we see totally different characters.

I’m not gonna pooh-pooh on Pratt instantly because while he plays similar characters, those characters had a personality, and they had clearly expressed emotions. Things that were in desperately short supply on the human side of the first movie. The biggest problem with the human side was that they were 75% planks of wood and a good half the remainder was hammy without substance. The cliche Pratt character is something that I feel would be welcome in that context. And hell, maybe against the odds he plays against type. Who knows.

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Assuming they do try and make a movie again I’d think they’d be better off not trying to retell the story from WC 1-3.


Unless its full CGI and have the quality of the in-game CGI mini-movies, I really would not get to exited. :thinking:

I did like the last WoW movie but… I would have preferred a good full CGI one… with good voice acting and music. :sweat_smile:

I still watch it if they make it, but seeing the reaction of my none-WoW friends (IRL) when they see the WoW CGI cinematics and how many times they ask is there a Movie or Netflix series they could watch the rest? And seeing how much they love those shorts… I say they should go full CGI. (IMO) :man_shrugging:


I’ll believe it when it comes from somewhere a bit more reputable than a fan source. It’s extremely hard to believe that they will get A-list talent and directors for a film franchise that bombed on it’s first throw.

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I can see Chris Pratt as Turalyon if he can keep himself serious. That could be neat. It does make me wonder who would be Alleria since that’d be his romantic partner. I have my doubts of him being able to be Arthas though. When I think of Chris Pratt purging Stratholme I think of Starkiller’s reaction when they’re trying to take off Thanos’ gauntlet.

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Chris Pratt could probably play a “current day” Khadgar but I think he’s too old to play a young one (he’s 41).

If they’re going with a reboot, I don’t see them trying to retell the first encounters between the orcs and humans again, which is why I ruled out Turalyon. And Turalyon wouldn’t be a lead during that time period, Lothar would.