Warcraft lore is fixed (spoiler)

smash weak one

Bolvar totally did not want to be there :rofl: but he had to put up a fight because he was dominated but also because Sylvanas. Maybe he’d have tried a little harder if he’d known she was gonna literally break the universe and not become the new Lich King.

Though I’m sure he still would have lost. He really never did… anything? besides being a good little paladin and then dying uselessly at the Wrathgate to ebolavirus.

Sigh, I hate to admit it but… yeah the Horde is probably the worst spot story wise I have ever witness… Horde feels like a “Tuskless Orc” (IMO), you are right that we need new faces and interesting characters moving into the future…

The Alliance with just their leadership alone, is a Powerhouse… even without Anduin. At least until they get the Villain plot, turn.

I think your right we really need cool new characters to take the story forward, nostalgia aside can only carry the story so much… until we find ourselves turning into a “Raid Piñata” the very Leaders or favorite WoW Characters that we use to love for X or Y “plot reasons”. (IMO)

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I don’t think so, Orcs are capable of literally anything if the story requires it of them to be cool. Blizzard will always have the Orc’s back in terms of rule of cool and that’s the only thing that ever matters.

“Everything post bfa is a N’zoth dream” would unironically have been the best play.


Rastakhan is cool. Talanji is a feminist token who only exist to make peace with the alliance.

FInally someone understands. The Horde was defanged to make the alliance and their demi gods look good.

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Blizzard doesn’t care about Orcs. They killed all their characters.


I don’t even know who this is lol.

zul did nothing wrong