Warcraft is over priced

Warcraft is the most expensive game I have ever played. Waiting more than 6 months for content updates is too long, because 6 months of a monthly wow sub costs more than a full, new, AAA game.

Let’s compare xbox live ultimate pass:

It costs less than wow, you get over 100 free games, you get xbox gold (free, aka servers to play on, etc), the library includes a lot of triple A games, including all first party xbox games.

For example, I want to try the new “Outriders” game, but I don’t want to pay for it, because it has a 74 metacritic score. No problem, for less than a wow sub I can try that game for free.

But not only that game, but over 100 other very high quality games. The list is updated as more games are released, just like netflix.


I’m willing to bet that if you 100% all 100+ of those games you still wouldn’t have spent as much time as it would take you to 100% wow. Wow is a stupidly massive game if you do everything, if you pick and choose what you want then :man_shrugging: maybe it’s over priced for you and you should look at other games.


it’s free with in game gold.


You get nothing for 100% WoW and it doesn’t feel satisfying.

OP right Xbox game pass has amazing games on there, some I slept on and glad I got to experience them on there!

Sea of thieves is SUPER fun! Even by yourself you’ll make friends.

Of course halo master chief (and now on pc). Anyway yeah, plenty of games so much greater than wow.


Before someone even says it, this is about worth, not whether people can afford it. This game is not worth $15 a month, period.

$15 a month for 4 months does not provide enough content to even be compared to a $60 game.


Oh boy… here we go again.

Then don’t.

Yes… let’s compare Apples to Asparagus. They both start with the letter A.

There are so many false statements in this it’s almost comical.

  1. You don’t get access to 100 free games… you pay for that access.
  2. Xbox Gold? Totally useless for those of us that don’t own, use, want to own a Xbox console. Also… not free… you pay to have access to this service.
  3. Look guys… the library contains a lot of triple A games… like… The Need for speed collection? Uhhh… ok. Forza games… ummm ok… Hey look Mass Effect… I remember those… 1 and 2 were good… 3 was a dumpster fire of a game and Andromeda I didn’t even bother with. BTW… a majority of the games on it aren’t games made by AAA studios… and Outriders? Disappointing to say the least… reviewers have been ripping that game apart.

Nope… you have to pay for access to the service… once again… Not Free. Do you even know what Free means? You keep using the word… but don’t seem to have a grasp on what it means and how it’s applied.


Someone already mentioned a way to avoid spending actual cash to play Warcraft.


Time is money, you work in the game or real life.

hint: it’s much quicker and easier to work irl and buy a token, which is why this works.


It’s not free. It is at the cost of a sub.

I just signed up to ubisoft monthly thing. Same concept. Pay for membership, try the games. There were 2 games I didn’t know if I wanted to buy. So for $20 a month, I can try them. Not for free - for $20 a month. I am still paying for them, just via a different method than the standard.


You get nothing for 100%ing any game, or playing any game, besides entertainment.

If WoW isn’t entertaining then don’t play it.

Super simple stuff.

It is to me :man_shrugging:t4:

When it’s not, I’ll stop paying and stop playing. I’ve done it before. It’s not the end of the world.


I agree with both first and second. The problem with wow is most of us only play 2 days a week. Raiding and mythic plus. I cant justify the cost myself anymore.

I play less then two days a week even though with my job I have endless hours to kill. Sure I can go clear content I’ve cleared 100s of times over and over, but why? Mounts? Battle pets? Tmogs? I ride one mount. I dont battle pet, I have pokemon ruby - sorry. and if I want a mog I just go get it right then n there.

I use to burn a lot of time here and really wish it were the same but it seems blizzard has doubled down on the time gating and raid or die mentality. pvp is a joke atm. The que system isn’t worth sitting around for. The classes aren’t as full as they have been without barrowed power since WOD.

I myself have been playing a lot of other RPG games. putting the time into them where it use to go here. I just no longer feel satisfied with my money/time spent here. Probably just personally burned out.

The main issue I truly feel is that blizz tried to hard to make this a Esport. Its not a game, its a over priced show for others that I personally don’t partake in. There for I’m just another 15$ in the pot.


Same to me, but I don’t think so on an objective level because of the things i compared it to

You can’t put the “worth” of entertainment on an objective scale though, not really.

If it entertains you, then it’s worth it. If it doesn’t, then it’s not.


i’m unsure, everything we perceive has to be measurable right? there are prices for movie tickets, subscription services for tv shows, etc

There are people who spend thousands of dollars to go to sporting events. I certainly don’t think it’s worth a mortgage payment to watch sweaty men run into each other, but maybe someone else does. Which of us is “right”?


i don’t see the necessity of mixing subjectivity with objectivity outside of one’s self

like, i love swtor but i don’t think it’s a good game for example

Well, why do you stay subscribed?


i love wow, and it’s worth it to me, but the content this game provides is just not mathematically equal to a $60 game every four months. I can’t be dishonest about that.

This is me admitting that i’m enjoying something overpriced, basically.

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When was the last time you felt this game was appropriately priced?

perhaps during the times where multiplayer games were viewed as more of a niche thing

the aspect of sharing a game space with others is not as special in this present era as before