War Mode Suggestion


Currently at this time we can only enable War Mode in our Faction’s capital cities, Which are Orgrimmar and Stormwind City. However, We are able to disable it in any resting place in-game.

Seeing as we can disable War Mode in any resting place, I feel it would be nice to enable War Mode as well in any resting place without having to run to Orgrimmar or Stormwind City to enable it.

Your thoughts?

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To me, that was always confusing.
I thought it should’ve been in REVERSE (turn it on any inn, turn it off in SW).
I guess the idea against this would be that you could travel with WM off and then turn it on when you reach your destination, avoiding all danger.

I think this is because they don’t want people just turning warmode on to turn in quests for the experience bonus then turning it off.


If you want warmode to be able to be turned on and off at a whim

You never really wanted to be in warmode in the first place


I think this would be a horrible idea and would kill War Mode even more.

This would allow people to avoid any and all danger in between points and as someone else pointed out, people could turn off War Mode for quests, and then before turning them in, could turn it back on for the increased experience and rewards without the risk.


I vote for increasing wait times each time you turn it off…like respeccing costs increase, each time you shut it off, it takes longer to reactivate. Might make things interesting. I bet there’d be lots of alliance whining. :smiley:


Yeah, I’ve always been on the side that there should be some sort of commitment factor to War Mode.

Either putting a wait time for each time you turn it off to turn it back on, or having progressive reward system starting at 0% increased WM bonus all the way to the current percentage, going down each time you turn it off and going up the longer you have it on.

Anything to get rid of the inflation of players who are just in WM for the bonus only.


Yup exactly why it was done .

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I like that too! Bonuses for keeping it on and also bonuses for being a bounty. Have the bounties provide beneficial auras/buffs or something like that. Could be fun.

I always felt that the 10% should be removed and instead add unique cosmetic rewards the longer you leave war mode on, kind like the sub bonuses you get with FF14. Set it to were each time it’s turn off it resets your progress.

Like others have already said in regards of making the war mode on/off any location, I agree there would need to be some kind cooldown. That way it discourages abuse.

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I think as Alliance I should be making $15 an hour for playing in warmode simply for keeping PvP alive for the poor desperate Horde.


ask cuomo lmao


In a perfect world, players would turn War Mode on and never turn it off. BFA has clearly shown us people play the game the way they want, and because it’s a game, you can’t force anyone to do anything.

Blizzard needs to work hard every day to make the game fun and make War Mode fun. Everything Blizzard does should end with the question, “Is this fun for the players?”

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I actually tried this, it doesn’t work. At least with Uldum dailies. When you turn on War Mode, quests remain without bonuses.

Try it the other way around; the quests seem to be sort of different. If you pick up the quests in War Mode it’ll be the version of the quest with the bonus. You can technically turn it off after picking them up in War Mode and do the quests and then turn back on War Mode to turn them in for the bonus. Obviously it’s impractical because you need to go to Stormwind or Orgrimmar and back, but with a change to turn it off or on anywhere you can bypass this step.

nah they hotfixed that, real quick actually.

I imagine it’s to stop people from abusing it running in and out of inns grieving people/ phasing yourself out/in seems prettty exploitable. I’m gonna go ahead and say working as intended and probably won’t change.

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It should stay the same, people would just find an easy way to abuse/exploit it, then you’de have hundreds of threads about it, just like you do from the people who have it on for the EXP+ and whine about being ganked.

I upvoted this, but I don’t think most of the whining would be coming from Alliance. The original poster, for example, is Horde.

Yes, but most Horde leave it on is the entire point. Most Alliance shut it off.