War Mode should not auto enable

Old WoW player here, I used to play back in WoTLK and only recently started playing again. War mode should not AUTO ENABLE when you use your level boosts. I used my free boost to 60 and got camped by alliance players in dragonflight area because I did not know about war mode. It took me about 10 minutes to finally figure out how to disable it. This should NOT be auto enables with zero tutorial. All this does is get low level players camped by toxic max level alliance that only care about camping low levels instead of actually playing PVP battlegrounds against evenly matched players.

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I totally agree here… NOR should those with WM enabled be able to go out into a world event and hide among NPC mobs so they can be hit forcing those without WM enabled into PVP

People with War Mode enabled can’t see those without War Mode on in the world. You’re sharded, so that’s impossible. You’re thinking of regular PvP flag enable, and that’s enabled for tons of reasons such as accidentally flying into a PvP world quest or being attacked by a guard of opposite faction.

and yet it happened… easiest way to fix it is to be rid of open world PVP

Easiest solution is to be more careful. Your suggestion to “get rid of open world PvP” is suggesting that Blizzard get rid of a game mode that many players love and enjoy. Yes, occasionally there might be bugs which cause you to become PvP flagged, it happens, best thing to do is fix said bug that makes you PvP flagged. Next time, record or clip your next Superbloom and see what happens, watch through the video, find out how you’re getting flagged so that maybe you can avoid it or send it to Blizzards bug report to get it fixed.