Wanting to add m+ players

Hi, hailing from Proudmoore with a new created guild, The Frozen Few. looking to add night time mythic plus minded people. I am currently pushing on 18’s on my main and a slew of healers in the 10-14 range. Please reach out if you want to do the things

Hey I am in the market for a mythic plus focused guild. I am heals though. I suppose I could switch to bear if you needed. Let me know.

play whatever you are comfortable with, very small numbers right now. bear would be best though.

Yeah I can do that. I just hit 60 and can gear tank fast. I will be on later today after i spend 10 hours at the calculus lab lol. Seriously i shoild be home by noon mountain time.

dextermorgan#1253 if you want to add me go for it.