Wall jumping

i remember back in vanilla people were getting banned left and right for wall jumping in WSG but i have now watched (i think its the same druid) it happen a few times and just again by Squalish from Herod server. now they didnt just go up a wall but they wall jumped their way to the top of the tunnel and then through the bramble wall that goes along the ramp. i asked about this and a lot of people said blizzard doesnt care about this but like i said i remember people getting banned for this exact same thing long ago.

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These terrain jumps are ALL being commonly used in BLIZZARD hosted WSG tournies on twitch. They are allowed and simply part of the game.

So sit and complain like a loser or open a video and start practicing them and become a beast!

It’s part of the game at this point.

I do wish they would fix the ones that not every model can do, however. There’s a jump through the alliance wall-thing that can only be done with specific skeletons, and it’s lame.