Waiting for another installation or update" for ~ 30 mins


Trying to get in the game but been stuck on “Waiting for another installation or update” for ~ 30 mins. WoW is the only Blizz game I have installed on my computer. I clicked the Start Update now button as well. What is wrong? Why wont my game start?

(Ekon) #2

Because there is an update file, but dunno why it’s waiting for something that isn’t there on your system.

Have you rebooted the Launcher or your system?

Likely it’s waiting on the Blizzard Launcher update, as well. Just noticed there was one waiting there.

(Kozzae) #3

Try restarting your launcher, should be the easy way to get it going again, maybe reboot your pc if it does not produce results.


Rebooting your system would be my recommendation as well.

Sometimes you can have more than one launcher active, but it doesn’t show outside Task Manager. Rebooting is the easiest way to just make sure this isn’t what is going on - usually works.


I have restarted my PC many times. I also updated my Windows 7. After that I have left my launcher on for over 2hrs and the game still says “Waiting for another installation or update”


If rebooting didn’t help, I’d followup in our Tech Forum or a tech ticket.

(Perl) #7

Usually there’s a Play/Pause button near the bottom right of the launcher where you can click it to continue despite whatever it thinks it’s waiting for. Have you tried clicking that?


Yes. I have been playing the game since 2007. And the game finally did load. Thank you. But different question now. I reinstalled WoW a couple months ago and the launcher took 6 hrs to download while the game only took like 35 mins. Why does the launcher take so long to download? My main is Théjerk on Stormrage. dont know why these posts are tagged to one of my hardly ever played alts

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The new forums does sometimes seem to switch on occasion. In case you don’t know, you can click the character avatar at the top right and at the bottom of the drop down is a choice to Change Character. (The existing posts won’t switch, but you can make future posts from the character you want.)

(Yindar) #10

Typically long download times when your connection is otherwise good means security software is interfering with the download/install.


Could the problem be that hes playing on windows 7.

(Itsuki) #12

Win7 is still supported.

(Darthwraith) #13

I realize that after looking at system requirements Could be something outadate.