WAGGLE Megalounge and Thread (Part 2)

yep they dont want me i guess anymore. not getting rid of adblock.

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Just try different Adblockers until something works for you, I’m not getting any ads with Total Adblock & AdAway.

im on firefox. not a lot of options here. no i’ve given up completely on everything.

Try it on Chrome ?


chrome is even worse. who do you think owns youtube and operates chrome? the same people blocking adblockers on youtube.

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YouTube can’t really block me with a VPN I can set to any location in the world.

how long before they start blocking vpns like netflix did? face it days of ad free youtube or free youtube are over. by 2025 youtube will be paywalled. mark my words. this isnt a world for poor people. poor people not allowed.

People will be torrenting pirated YouTube videos.

not me ill just be sitting by myself. not able to play with dog cause get yelled at. they can have gus. dont want him anyways. i pay for dog this how they treat me. come on youtubes progress from timed vids to full on blocking me. DO IT.

Wrong i flop my tail and break table try again

I think we need stronger lizard proof lounge furniture…

i hate lizards
they lick their eyes
they cant even regulate their body temperature

i approve of lizards. they not elves.

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We have a saying here, “Flat out like a lizard drinking”

i dont know or care what that means.

/stares at skyslicer while taking a step back

That’s umm something to know I guess…

You’re lucky it really was just his 'tail"

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It means working as hard or as fast as possible.

I’m not dealing with any sheddings.

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we need more draenei in here there’s very few in here to much subpar waggling from others.