Vyranoth is gonna betray incarnates and become "good" isn't she

Like “noooo fyrakk pls don’t be evil we are not evil”

I mean it’s not so much a question anymore.

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Damn, i would expect that to happen in 10.2, not in literally second quest of a patch.
Blizzard is speedrunning


Yeah same, I’m getting the vibes that 10.2 is gonna get the 9.2 treatment. They’re speedrushing so they can end the xpac by 10.2, get people hyped for the new xpac announcement at Blizzcon, then rake in them preorder sales. We’ll get a 10.2.5 and perhaps a .7 to hold us over for the next year after. I got those vibes moment I saw the entire Bronze DF story and Nozdormu stuff was shoehorned into a .5 patch.


Running on Internet Explorer over there, Trolljojojo?

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I mean i’ve seen first quest and thought that is a nice seed to future betrayal. And then it just happened instantly.

Nozdormu saying “Maybe we should change something” is a lot more fun.

yeah about that… she’s not too happy about her brothers drinking the void koolaid. At the very least Alex gets her old friend back…maybe… we’ll see how things go come 10.2

Calling it now, something will happen where Alexstrazsa almost dies or Iridikron almost wins, and Vyranoth will stop it but die in the process and everyone will cry about how she was truly good in the end


That would work better if she didn’t already betray fyrakk really, it would be predictalbe, but a twist. At this point she’s almost a double agent

Bad story is bad


i mean sure, but that’s default WoW state, we gotta think outside of it to even have a dialogue

she could just be a trojan horse

i mean she got access to valdrakken and everything pretty darn easily.

she is cold and calculating after all

that would be interesting. But that’s not how blizzard write

I mean, to the primalists we’re evil. Good vs. Evil isn’t always as clear as we think it is.

There’s plenty of people who think they’re good but to others are not. A lot of it is about perspective.

Vyranoth could easily be trying to consistently make the right decisions. The early decisions were to be against the aspects, now recent changes have her making different decisions.

Like… staying one path regardless of circumstances would be terrible for character development.

Also every story is just the odyssey anyway.

I don’t think it would be at all, not for her character. Also they just did that with Anduin and the Kyrian. zzz

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chris metzen could bring the edge back to the game this could be one of his first works as the big creative influencer

Woman dragon good! Man dragon bad! Woman good! Man bad! Woman good! Man bad!


It feels like we are waiting for the “real” story to start right now to be frank. This entire expansion has just felt like setup for another expansion’s story.

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The expansion about dragons and unity is about dragons unifying. I am shocked. Shocked. And the soft-voiced, level-headed, female dragon was the one to become “good”, while the other two male dragons are evil and cannot be reasoned with. Shocked. In the year of our lord, 2023, i am shocked.

I’m practically being electrocuted here.

(I’m not actually surprised, i’m a fraud.)


Male bad, female good … a running theme it seems.

He does and the devs riot, I fear he is stuck or else they’ll have another lot of devs go on twitter and cause some ruckus.

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i dont pay attention to lore anymore and i was actually hesitant to watch cutscenes cause im not interested anymore.

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