Vulpera vol'dun quest intro

So i recently got to bfa on a new vulpera alt and when i was going to voldun i kept thinking if theyll add a small minor like unique intro to that storyline considering you help and work with other vulpera, especially since, for example, as a kul tiran you can skip the whole intro to bfa and go straight to boralus and tell jaina “take me home” which i know is a bit different and i assume zandalari troll have something similar but, it just strikes me as a missed opportunity, even a small unique line indicating youre a vulpera would be cool, in MOP on horde side you have a quest with lorewalker cho where you discuss race heritage thats similar, if you play pandaren he mentions a few things about your people (wandering isle pandas) being that he knows of them, little details like that add so much to the game and it sucks when nisha breaks you out she doesnt mention like “hey another fox!, lets get outta here!”